Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nolan N20 FIAT has just arrived!


The recent Thursday, i bought the beautiful and sexy Nolan N20 FIAT from Budak Singapore aka Azman as he just advertised the N20 FIAT and other designs few days before.. I got it only for RM600 including delivery cost (to my doorstep) and handling charges..

This N20 FIAT helmet is my second time i have bought helmets from Budak Singapore.. Previously, i bought Arai's Tour Cross II from him.. He is a very reliable seller, does quick deliveries and sells at very reasonable prices.. I'd totally recommend bikers to buy products from him..
Check out his catalogue at

From Nolan website:
"N20 FIAT the Made in Italy raised to the second power for this line of helmets that brings together Nolan® and Fiat, both historical brands. The 500 version evokes the legendary car, faithfully reproducing the front and back.

The 500 EMOTICON version can be customised using the stickers provided, while the RACING version proposes the Fiat logo, which for some years has been filling with colour the MotoGP racetracks. The Italian flag is present on all versions, an important detail that emphasizes the uniqueness of this Collection."

I got it for a Small Size and it fits me very well, just like the Arai's Tour Cross II !!! I bought the N20 FIAT as i really needed a City-Riding helmet for my GSA and it's fucking awesome!! Anyway, the FIAT edition is a piece of a beauty and here are the photos:



  1. helu bro...
    En nolan dan tuan Fiat memang kawan baik:)
    nice helmet


  2. Thank you, Din...

    Oneday, kita ride berdiri dari KL sampai Kanchanaburi!

    Ada berani, bro?

  3. salam bro mcm mne nak beli kat


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