Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maintenance: RJB1 1st Service

I just did KLR650 first service at 348 km of mileage.. Bought an KLR650 Oil Filter for RM14.50 a piece and 3 Litres of Silkolene Super 4-T Plus (20W-50, Mineral based) engine oil for RM23.00/litre. Use a 17mm Torque Wrench and 8mm T-type socket wrench.

First, make sure the engine is warmed up for a while. Then loosen up the drain plug (17mm bolt) at bottom of engine using 17mm wrench. The standard/stock skid plate does not need to be removed.

Drain the engine oil. Clean some dirty bits at the drain plug.

Loosen up two 8mm bolts at oil filter cover using 8mm T-type socket wrench.

Take off the oil filter cover and oil filter. Clean the area with a clean towel. Insert / replace with a new oil filter. Then place the oil filter cap and tighten up the two 8mm bolts.

Tighten up the 17mm bolt using torque wrench at the bottom of the engine with 21 ft/lb..

Fill engine oil for ~2.5 litres at oil filler. Upright the bike for few minutes and close the engine oil filler cap. Start the engine for few minutes. Make sure there's no leakage at the oil filter cover and drain plug. Then fill few engine oil again until it reaches 2.5 litres of measurement.

Done... HooRahh!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Every morning make a cup of coffee and sip in front of these 2 Beauties..


Monday, December 21, 2009


Hehehe.. ;-D

Just picked up the KLR650 from Chear Setapak.. managed to ride only 22 km today with my friend, Erry Fumi..

initially, i had troubles with the height due to its high seat, which is higher than my waist (see photo) and the handle-bar is even at my chest level..

but within 5 minutes, i've got used with it.. No problemo!  ;-)

Filled the tank to the max, almost 21 litres.. Amazingly, the bike didn't feel heavy after fueled up..

Thanks to Erry, he taught me the character of carburetor bike and fuel-cock usage when the engine is switched off.. had lunch then headed to Ukay Perdana and back to Taman Melawati..

So far, i'm 100% satisfied with KLR 650..


Saturday, December 19, 2009

JPJ (RTD) documents have arrived!

At last, after days of waiting and cursing, the bike registration card has finally arrived!

So now, the plan is to make a road tax for the bike and customize the number plate at bike shop. The road tax costs RM250.00 per year for 650cc bike.
But today is weekend and JPJ is closed.. I need to wait by Monday..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Renewing Passport

Went to Immigration Department of Malaysia in late afternoon today to renew my passport.. I decided to go to the nearest office, which is at Sri Rampai..

Arrived at the immigration office and to my surprise, there were hundreds of customers.. went to the ticketing counter and was informed they had stopped processing passport applications for the day..
hence i need to return to the office tomorrow.. I really need to renew my passport as its expiry date will be in January 2010..

also, the bike documents have not arrived.. i hope they will arrive on Wednesday.. so No HooRahh.. :-(


called JPJ Perlis (Road Transport Department) officer and they have sent the documents on Monday.. Yayyy!!!

i'm waiting.. waiting.. waiting for the postman to deliver the documents..

hmmmm...     :-(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bought Scott Voltage X OTG

I have recently purchased a pair of Scott Voltage X OTG Goggles in Canary Yellow from for USD 24.45 ... 
What a bargain!! 

It should be arrived in the next 10-14 days..

According to Scott, the Voltage X OTG will perfectly fit on my Arai Tour Cross II helmet.. the reason why i bought these goggles is because i use dark tinted visor on my helmet.. but once i ride in the dark, i need to use a clear visor.. for those who use Tour Cross II helmet, they know changing the visor is a pain in the arse.. With the goggles, i can simply switch/put them on without any difficulties.. in fact, any goggles would definitely look great on motocross helmet.. 
Oh by the way, OTG means Over-the-Glass.. they are designed for those who wear prescription glasses and these goggles fit nicely over the glasses.. there aren't many products selling the OTG in the market except Scott, Bolle, Spy and Oakley.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Accessories to be bought soon..

ScottOiler Universal Kit (approx RM480.00)
The most popular of the Scottoiler kits gives a range of approximately 2,000 km between 
refills of the RMV (Reservoir Metering Valve), depending on the flow setting. The Universal Kit has a range of fittings suitable for most bikes, (non standard adapters are available FOC from Scottoiler), and includes a 500ml bottle of Scottoil, which should be enough for approximately 12,000 km of lubrication. The Universal Kit has had over the past year or so over 20 technical improvements, Dynojet T100 testing and extensive retooling, to ensure that it is the best it can be. 

Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards (approx RM300.00)
  • The original Rally Pro handguards are equipped with an aluminum bar for the strongest protection available
  • Aluminum guard for maximum strength
  • Nylon composite material injection molded in and around the aluminum guard for increased protection
  • Indexed steel bar-end insert mounts solid and will not allow guard to rotate in a crash
  • Comes equipped with mounting kit to fit 7/8" steel and 7/8" aluminum handlebars
  • Mounts to the handlebar by cutting off the end of each grip and the throttle tube to install bar inserts

Scott Voltage X OTG Goggles (approx RM100.00)
  • The OTG model is designed to fit over-the-glasses
  • Knowledge gained from the development process of the High Voltage, Voltage "R", the 89X, and the standard of the industry has been combined to develop the new Voltage X
  • This goggle features the best helmet and face fit ever
  • Back painted polyflex urethane frame with hydrophilic face foam
  • Double buckle silicon lined woven strap
  • Clear single anti-fog lens

Bought new Kawasaki KLR650 (2009)

Finally after 1 year of waiting, i've successfully paid the new Kawasaki KLR 650.. it's Year 2009 model and in Fast Blue colour..
Yeap, Blue is fast.. not red! hahaha
Came back from Kawa Dealer along Jalan Setapak and i was given a stack of original AP, Customs, Puspakom Inspection documents.. These documents will be sent to JPJ Perlis on Friday morning as the bike will be registered with tendered Perlis number plate RJ131, which turns out to be RJB1.. hehehe..  
so watch out for this bike, bitchessss!  ;-P
Unfortunately JPJ Perlis will be closed on Friday for the weekend but will be operating on Sunday.. hoping they will (they should!) return the documents along with bike registration card asap (by monday) as i could not wait to ride to neighbouring countries again.. hehehe

The Adventure Starts Right Here...  HooRahh!

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