Saturday, December 31, 2011

China-Laos Solo Ride ::Pre Ride::


It was on February the First, Year Two Thousand Eleven.. The time was in the afternoon at almost 1pm.. I was doing nothing at home after playing online gaming Modern Warfare 2 on Playstation 3 console.. I’d been playing online since morning coffee at 7 o’clock in the morning and had 2 meals of McDonalds delivery.

I was bored… very bored…

Then I decided to take a spin on my 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure, to Souled Out at Hartamas for couple of pints of the black stuff, the Guinness.. this is how I enjoyed my life to the fullest, while most people were working… LoL

While I was enjoying the second cold pint of Guinness, I had a crazy idea of riding up to China-Laos Border alone… on the NEXT DAY!

Normally, I do not plan when it comes to riding.. I always plan within at least 12 hours before I decide where to ride. And I will never use GPS unit.. I always use road MAPS.. Well, most people think I’m crazy for planning a very long ride ‘alone’ and only plan couple of hours before I start the epic journey. 

That is me.. That is Globe Rider, the Legend!

On the way back home, after 2 pints of Guinness, I paid a visit at Sunny Cycle to buy and change for a piece of new Metzeller Tourance XP rear tire.. Sunny gave couple of hints of China-Laos road condition and I pretty got the picture of it, especially on Laos’ Highway 13..

Then re-filled the huge GS Adventure’s 37-liters fuel tank (including reserve) at Shell for Ron 97 fuel.. The fuel-distance mileage showed 740km of mileage with the full fuel tank. I was really up for the China-Laos Border solo ride.

As I came back home, I started to packing my things, re-charged my Olympus E-P1 PEN camera and iPod.. Eventually, everything was ready but I was missing something... hmmmm… a Laos Road Map, which is the most important thing..

In the evening, I called my friend, Aswadin, to accompany me to Kinokuniya at KLCC to buy Laos Map and had an early KFC dinner. By the way, Aswadin is a friend of mine who enjoys listening to my great riding adventures.. I must always have a heavy dinner plate-all thighs-original-KFC dinner before I do a long ride (average 1,500km in one day) as I can have an early sleep so I can wake up at 2.30 in the morning before I start my ride at 3.00 in the morning..

By the way, have I mentioned that I bought the Laos Map merely few hours before I started my journey to China-Laos?

For your info, this is how I plan my ride.. Always few hours before I start my journey… I do not plan 2-3 months ahead… there’s no thrill and no challenging when you plan 2-3 months earlier.. I’ve heard people say something like, “Fail to plan is to Plan a failure”… Oh, that is so crap, lame and fucking nonsense!

Globe Rider way is:

“Choose a
destination, fill up the fuel tank, put my Game Face On and Go!”.. 



  1. 2 thumbs up!!

    Otai jer blh buat short plan bro..hehe


  2. hi....
    dah lama makan KFC kat KLCC ni....
    Jiwa kacau bila baca blog kau niii


  3. "Fail to plan is to Plan a failure"? Sounds familiar. Hehe. You're a legend!!!

  4. Bro, you're my inspiration! Nice to read your great journey with the great bike bro..

    1. Thank you for your comments, Brahh Aku Budak Nerek.. I will try to update my blog more often..

  5. Hello bro, i just found you todays ... sebab lambat beli motor ... i will start from here , TQ 4 sharing - zul74

    1. Hello Zul Putrajaya..

      I'm gonna do "another" Mae Hong Son ride with my new Harley Davidson Road Glide.. this is gonna be my THIRD Mae Hong Son 1864 corners ride.. hehee..

      I have ridden on my previous Redbull KLR 650 and BMW GS Adventure.. i rode them when they both just been running-in.. hehee..

      The next Mae Hong Son ride gonna be slow and easy with the Road GLide.. i've seen the places many times and this time, i just wanna enjoy riding the Harley..

      Ride in Style, Brahh.. HooRahh!!

  6. TQ Brahh, ur journey is one thing but bro punya motor buat tido tak lena lahh..
    Congrates with ur new machine.. - zul74

    1. Zul Putrajaya..

      Hari ni saya nak amik Harley Road Glide.. tak sabar, brahh..


      Ride in Style, Brahh..

    2. Pehhh ... ride safe bro & safe ride bro,
      yang penting Ride in Stylooo, Brah ... HooRahh!!

    3. Thank you Brahh..

      Ride in Style, Brahh.. hehee


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