Thursday, September 20, 2012

McDonald's Samurai Burger


Are you having a laugh, McD?
As advertised:

The Real Deal..

Are you having a laugh, mate?

Anyway, i won't be complaining that much.. i've been feeding myself with hundreds of McD burgers in my life.. Hehee.. most burgers in all ads look as they have been supersized with steroids.. lol

As for me the Samurai burger tastes awesome.. the only burger i would have at McD is only the Quarter Pounder.. nowadays, the Quarter Pounder patty seems to be dry every time i order it.. it's good to have a change for a juicy beef patty dip with Samurai black pepper-ish soy sauce at the price of RM12.40 (inc tax) for a single beef patty, not during the McValue Lunch hour..

The size of the single beef Samurai burger is similar to the Quarter Pounder burger.. and please be prepared with napkins when u're having the Samurai burger.. it's gonna be messy, i tell ya..

I would say McDonalds at Port Dickson Waterfront has the best location in Malaysia for its fastfood chain..

Fyi, this is my FIRST attempt on food review apart of my travel reports, BMW GSA logs and apparels.. gotta try something different in blogging..


I recently had Double Samurai Burger.. The Double Samurai Burger totally beats the Over-Rated,  Crap Burger Bakar.. Believe me, it was messier than the single samurai burger.. I had it at Jusco Seremban 2 and it was full of mayonnaise and sweet & peppery samurai sauce.. i had it at 11-ish am so the beef patties were still hot.. Extra Yummy!!
It costs only RM16.75 with tax..

I just hope McDonalds would keep the menu forever.. and they can ditch the pointless Sakura McFizz drinks and Katsu Curry McShaker fries..



  1. I gotta agree on the best location. The view is breathtaking.

    1. Indeed, it has the best view.. my second vote has to be McD at Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan..

      btw, if u wanna have latte or cappuccino, try to hang out at Avillion hotel since PD doesn't have Starbucks & Coffee Beans.. u will get better view by the pool & near the beach.. very relaxing, u..


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