Monday, September 17, 2012

BMW R1200 GS Rallye Special Edition

I just wanna share with my blog readers about BMW R1200 GS Rallye Special Edition 2012.. Recently BMW Motorrad Malaysia has lent a friend of mine the R1200 GS Rallye for a week.. In general, the technical specs of GS Rallye version are similar with the other R1200 GS basic models.. The GS Rallye is a Special Edition for 2012 R1200 GS line.. Previously in 2011, BMW has come with Triple Black as its 2011 R1200 GS range..
(for your info, the R1200 GS and R1200 GS-Adventure are totally not the same and they both have different specs)
Well, from my point of view, BMW Motorrad has done brilliant on the GS Rallye paint job and decals with BMW’s ///M-Sport schemes.. The chassis is painted in red, which it gives out the sportiness of the Rallye model.. While BMW retains the tank cover in white colour, honestly, the bike does not look dull at all.. it gives the bike a clean and simple look, easy to blend..
What I really love with the design is the close-up details done on this bike.. for example, the seats are stitched with red stitches on dual-toned (black & white) seat cover..
The GS Rallye comes with handle guards and they are in white colour.. it is rare to find any GS model which come in white handle guards..
By observing closely on the Rallye, I can see it uses few Triple Black parts.. for example:
  • Triple Black front suspension
  • Fork Brace 
  • Paralever swing arm 
  • Engine head cover.. 
Question is, could they be over-stocked parts for Triple Black edition?
The height set-up of the bike is low, same with the ordinary R1200 GS model, giving it the agility to ride in towns, in traffic jams.. I could feel the bike is really suitable for town / city riding..
Obviously when u put the GS Rallye and GS-Adventure side by side, you can see the differences between these two amazing bikes..
Mind you, there are no protection bars, engine head cover, engine guards, crash bars etc on the bike as BMW wants to make the GS Rallye as light as possible with clean design lines.. Personally, I think the protection / crash bars can ruin the GS Rallye sporty design.. it is good that BMW has retained design of the GS Rallye as simple as possible..
Also, the GS Rallye comes with Multi-spoked rims.. the multi-spoked rims give the Rallye more dual-purpose look… but I would prefer if they are in black colour..
We took both GS-Adventure 30 Years Anniversary and GS Rallye Special Edition for a spin in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city to Asia Cafe in SS15 Subang for dinner.. Riding these huge bikes in town ain't easy, especially the GS-Adventure.. but as usual, i lead the Rallye bike on my GS-Adventure.. if the Adventure can get through the Kuala Lumpur traffic, the Rallye gonna be easy peasy.. 
By the way, you can see in the photos above, that is what i wear when riding in Kuala Lumpur town.. i only wear shorts, sport shoes, t-shirts, riding gloves and helmet.. Kuala Lumpur city is hot and riding a GS Adventure does not allow any wind to cool me down.. 

Overall, the R1200 GS Rallye Special Edition is my most favourite R1200 basic GS line model.. if only BMW would produce the GS-Adventure with Rallye edition, I would definitely buy it..



  1. bro..
    good info and good bike....


  2. Thank you, Brahh.. without you, i won't be writing this Rallye article..


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