Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ride: Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia (13/2/2010)


We arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia on the 3rd day of our trip.. we reached at noon and we were amazed with the town... it is a quiet and clean town with most of the buildings are less than 4 stories high..

There are lots of tourists in Siem Reap, which makes you feel as if you're not in Cambodia...

Me, Dr. Gwendy and Dato' Rahman decided to find a hotel, which is located within few minutes from Bar Street.. We checked-in at Ta Prohm Hotel, a well built 4-star hotel... The room is beautiful, cosy and its interior is made of thick dark quality wood... Each room costs USD$35.00 per night.. Mind you, US Dollar is widely accepted anywhere in Cambodia...

The hotel receptionists were so kind to let us park our bikes right in front of the hotel main door.. And to my surprise, they covered our bikes with huge umbrellas.. how wonderful!!

After taking shower, we met other mates at local Indian restaurant for lunch... the meal was good..

Then me, Dr. Gwendy, Zaini, Piee and Sham took 2 tuk-tuks to Angkor Wat.. Dato' Rahman, Dr. Nadir (Doc Holiday) and Ariv stayed in the Siem Reap town to do personal shopping and massages..

*picture courtesy of Zaini Zaid

The Angkor Wat is located only 6 km away from our hotel.. it is not that far, but we still insisted to take the tuk-tuk... most tourists would prefer to rent a bicycle..

Before we reached Angkor Wat, we bought a 1-Day Pass for USD$20.00 per person... it was quite costly.. we could imagine how much of profits the Angkor Wat makes everyday...

As we reached Angkor Wat, we were speechless with its structures... snap lots of photos here..

Historically, the Angkor Wat is a temple built for the King Suryavarman II in the early 12th Century as his state temple (dedicated to the God Vishnu) and capital city.. the name of Angkor Wat means City of Temple..

After we've done the Angkor Wat visit, i was hit with an extremely bad fever.. the fever started to hit me when we rested under a big tree for coconut juice and others were buying souvenirs.. i was really in a bad shape, even Dr Gwendy was so worried.. it was really hard for me to breathe..

Dr Gwendy then directed the tuk-tuk to a pharmacy and prescribed the strongest medicine for my fever.. this must be the diarrhea which i had a night before and heat exhaustion at Angkor Wat...

Went back to Ta Prohm Hotel, took the medicine and slept.. Amazingly at 11.00 pm, i woke up and felt no fever anymore..

Went out to Bar Street and had a simple dinner... then went to Pub Street to check out its night life scene... Pub Street is located 3-minutes away from my hotel and it has  lots of bars and pubs...

Thank heavens, beer in Siem Reap is dirt cheap... only 75 cent for a mug of beer... i met 2 girls from Norway in a pub, shared our stories and drinks.. they will be coming to KL on the 4th of March and they are hoping to meet me in KL..



  1. Wahh... angkor wat = nice... we want more pictures & updates please... HooRahh!

  2. Huhuhuhu...nice ride review & angkor wat is one of my faveret place that I wish to go to...

  3. Yen,
    Angkor Wat is beautiful... too bad i couldn't spend most of my time with it as i had a terrible fever...

  4. CypridDark,
    It is totally recommended to go to Angkor Wat.. it'll be better if u have a good DSLR camera or Micro Four Thirds camera...

    I will be going to Cambodia again with my bike, alone or two.. i'll be doing the same route and maybe you can join me..

  5. very nice pic of of Angkor Wat Temple,
    artwork of gorgeous architecture..i should take a look on the history book again. :)
    and then go to feel it. huhu.. i wish to go there.. -yanie-

  6. hehehe..

    you don't need to read the history book, my dear... just visit my blog, i'll put more info about it.. LoL

    Anyway, there are many things to do in Siem Reap apart of visiting the Angkor Wat..

    Sadly, i was sick for the rest of my day in Siem Reap.. such a waste.. huhuhu..

    i'll meet you in Jesselton soon, Ynie Bnnie..

  7. So, did the Norway girls gonna meet you tomorrow? (04/03/2010) :)

  8. Anonymous,

    Yes! One of them emailed me saying they will be in KL on thursday evening.. they will be traveling from Hatyai to KL by bus.. i'm hoping they just wanna relax in KL instead of seeing KL..


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