Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rear Shock Adjustment

Heyya guys..

Sorry for being quiet for almost 2 weeks... I've been very busy with work and didn't have the time to ride and write my blog..

Anyway, i wanna share with you how the KLR handles.. it seems the rear shock is pretty soft (Level 1) and i don't like how it handles especially when i take long corners on highway.. it seems the rear of the bike keeps bouncing away.. Mind you, the standard KLR 650 is at Level 1 setup (soft)..

Hence, i have adjusted the rear shock to the second hardest level (Level 4).. 

First, the adjustable bolt is located on the left side of the Rear Shock.. you'll find it at the top of the spring..

At first, there is a visible long line and it is stated "1".. it means the Rear Shock is at Level 1..

Use a 12mm T-Wrench and turn the 12mm bolt clockwise... you'll need to put an extra effort when turning the bolt..

Whilst turning the bolt, you'll see the Level 1 line moves upwards and there will be a shorter line beneath the Level 1.. the second line means the shock setting is at Level 2..

Keep on turning the bolt until it sets to fifth line, which means the shock setting is at Level 5, the hardest setup.. Also, the bike has raised 1.5 inches higher.. :happy:

If you keep on turning, the Rear Shock will jump back (reset) to Level 1...

I have tried riding the KLR at Level 5 shock stiffness but i found the bike gets very easy to wobble.. this is due to the setting is hard and the bike does not get to absorb the shocks enough.. hence i have reduced the stiffness to Level 4.. But i will try Level 3 setting (medium hard).. who knows it could be better in high speed handling and slightly more comfortable..



  1. whoaaaa~ know wut? my brothers envy u...!!! lol.

  2. Really, huh?? LoL

    Babe, I'd really appreciate if they could leave some comments here too.. hahaha..

    anyway, say hi to your bros... ;-)


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