Saturday, November 27, 2010

2nd Ride: 1864 Corners Mae Hong Son, Golden Triangle, Chiang Mai


i'm having a cup of coffee before getting ready for the 2nd ride to 1864 Corners of Mae Hong Son, Golden Triangle and Chiang Mai...

This time, my mate Laurence will be following me with his Kawasaki Versys... we shall be riding for 9 days..

the route which we'll be going to do:
KL - Kanchanaburi - Mae Sot - Mae Hong Son - Pai - Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle - Mae Sai - Chiang Rai - Ayutthaya - Hua Hin - Hatyai - KL

so Put your Game Face on, bitchessss!!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

BMW Motorrad Tank Bag


Today, i have bought a BMW Motorrad's Tank Bag which costs RM 1,100.00 from Wunderlich shop... I need to have a tank bag because it is so convenient to have my PEN E-P1 camera, iPod, Passport, Wallet, etc in the tank bag... it also has a large Map holder, very convenient and the map won't get any damaged...

Good thing about this tank bag; it is waterproof and dust-proof... there is a plastic seal on the zipper so water nor dust cannot slip through the zipper...

Also, i can placed a full face helmet inside of it... Yes, it is a BIG tank bag...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hepco & Becker Top Box


i went to Sunny Cycle last week to purchase a Hepco & Becker Xplorer top box... it is 45-liter capacity of top box and it is made of Aluminum.. it is super light and yet strong..

I've been waiting for the Top Case to be arrived at Sunny for almost 1 week as the last unit was taken few days before i got my GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary... It can be seen all the boxes have just arrived at the shop...

The Xplorer line is a new and modern design of the latest Hepco & Becker case line... It is 'dust-resistant' and 'water-resistant'... and i bought it at Sunny Cycle for RM 2,000 for the top box and its plate (bracket holder).. the bracket holder can be seen on the top left photo..

I really like the design and shape of the Xplorer top case... it is lower, wider and more compact compare with Touratech top case.. Also, it looks gorgeous on my GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary..


Wunderlich Handle Bar Pouch


I just came back from Wunderlich accessories shop at Jalan Sri Tanjung, Bandar Sri Damansara Kuala Lumpur... the shop specializes in Wunderlich, few other BMW aftermarket products and Garmin accessories.. most of the accessories being sold are meant for GS1200 Adventure, GS1200 and F800 GS...

Hence, i bought a Wunderlich's Handle Bar Pouch, which costs RM 180.00..  the purpose of having the pouch is to substitute the pouch around the waist.. The pouch can carry wallet, sunglasses, passport, travel documents, iPod, Blackberry handphone and etc.. Plus, it is waterproof so my iPod wont get soaked in the rain again.. Hahaaa

Some goodies i received for free from the Wunderlich shop... very helpful and friendly staff they have there.. Cheers Bro Hairi!! I shall go there again to get more Wunderlich accessories..

Apart of the pouch, i was eyeing on the BMW Motorrad's Tank Bag.. it is huge and gorgeous; can even put a small helmet inside of the tank bag.. The tank bad is very useful to keep my PEN E-P1 camera, Road Map and even few clothes... and it is Waterproof and the quality built is excellent but it costs RM 1,100.00 ... For GS1200 Adventure, the fuel tank is made of Aluminum, so none of the tank bags (with magnets) in the market cannot be used on BMW GS Adventure.. Definitely i will get this tank bag soon!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BMW GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is MINE!


Sorry for not updating Globe NOMAD Rider blog for almost a week.. i have been enjoying my life with my all new... Yeap, a spanking brand new BMW R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary...  Yes, you've heard me, you bunch of haters... it's BMW R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary... HooRahh!!!

I collected the GS Adventure 30 Year Anniversary on last Monday (16th November 2010) from BMW Motorrad's Auto Bavaria @ Glenmarie Shah Alam.. it was the happiest day of my life.. ever!

Earlier in the morning, i was at Road Transport Department to register the bike, get the bike registration card and road tax.. Obviously i can let the BMW Motorrad sales rep to sort it out for me, but it may take another day.. As i could not wait, i would rather do it myself and learn the process of registering a vehicle on my own..

At noon, i was already at Auto Bavaria with the registration card and road tax... i met Sahran Ali (Motorrad sales rep) and he was doing the final touch of the number plate on my new bike (RJ 131)..

After signing couple of thick documents for loan purposes, we did the official bike key hand-over ceremony by snapping few photos and the bike was ready to be taken out of the BMW Motorrad showroom.. The GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is now Officially mine after 2 months of delivery waiting!! OooWieeee!!

i could have taken the bike home by 3.00 pm but the day was pissing heavily... i ended up chilling out with Sahran and my mate, Yen, at Motorrad until it was almost 6.00 pm, the rain had stopped...

As the bike was brought to the main entrance, it was time for me to crank the bike's engine up and started to learn few do's and dont's with the bike... well, it's pretty easy with the buttons.. very simple and straight forward..

i was very amazed with ACS (Automatic Stability Control), ABS, Tire Pressure, etc etc... Some sad wankers have been saying the BMW motorcycles have many electronic problems.. Well my advice is: If you can't get one BMW motorrad, just STFU!! Hahahaa

Anyway, enough of talking and do enjoy the photos on the day when GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is officially mine!!!

For your info, there are only 13 units of GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary have been brought in Malaysia and all of them have already been taken... It costs RM 130,000.00 (excluding panniers) and that's how much a serious traveler like me would pay for this piece of machine..

The R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is very limited, a rare piece of machine and i'm glad to be a part of BMW Motorrad's herritage since the first GS model (R80 GS) was introduced back in 1980... Hahahahaaa... Also, i'm the happiest GS Adventure owner in the world because this is my very FIRST BMW bike!!!

More write-ups of the 30 Years Anniversary of GS can be found here: 30 Years Anniversary of BMW GS

Now i can proudly say it out loud:

Apa Barangggggggggg!!! 

F**k Yeahhhhh!! F***cckkkk Yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nolan N20 FIAT has just arrived!


The recent Thursday, i bought the beautiful and sexy Nolan N20 FIAT from Budak Singapore aka Azman as he just advertised the N20 FIAT and other designs few days before.. I got it only for RM600 including delivery cost (to my doorstep) and handling charges..

This N20 FIAT helmet is my second time i have bought helmets from Budak Singapore.. Previously, i bought Arai's Tour Cross II from him.. He is a very reliable seller, does quick deliveries and sells at very reasonable prices.. I'd totally recommend bikers to buy products from him..
Check out his catalogue at

From Nolan website:
"N20 FIAT the Made in Italy raised to the second power for this line of helmets that brings together Nolan® and Fiat, both historical brands. The 500 version evokes the legendary car, faithfully reproducing the front and back.

The 500 EMOTICON version can be customised using the stickers provided, while the RACING version proposes the Fiat logo, which for some years has been filling with colour the MotoGP racetracks. The Italian flag is present on all versions, an important detail that emphasizes the uniqueness of this Collection."

I got it for a Small Size and it fits me very well, just like the Arai's Tour Cross II !!! I bought the N20 FIAT as i really needed a City-Riding helmet for my GSA and it's fucking awesome!! Anyway, the FIAT edition is a piece of a beauty and here are the photos:


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Hectic Schedule in this week..


i've been frequently traveling between Auto Bavaria BMW Glenmarie and JPJ (Road Transport Department) today..

i have learnt many things on exchanging number plates between different owners, insurance policies, etc...

Things to do in order to keep the RJB 1 number plate:

1. Get the klr650 insurance policy for myself

2. Change ownership title of the KLR grant between me and Johann

3. Once my name is on the klr grant, send the klr for Puspakom Inspection

4. Submit the klr grant with Puspakom Inspection slip to Auto Bavaria BMW

5. Transfer RJB 1 number plate to BMW R1200 GS Adventure

6. Get a new random number plate on the klr and its grant from Auto Bavaria

7. Change ownership title of the KLR grant back to Johann's with the new number plate

All i know, i can't wait for my 30 Years Anniversary to be out on this FRIDAY!!! (fingers crossed)


Monday, November 8, 2010

Number Plate woes..

Should I keep the RJB 1?
This will cost me a lot especially on Insurance cover as it costs the same for a new fancy number plate..
i've found out that the current KLR owner needs to cancel his insurance policy first.. then i shall get the KLR insured under my name.. then i can interchange the RJB 1 number plate from KLR650 to GS Adventure..

Then, i will cancel the insurance policy and the current KLR owner has to renew another policy.. we will lose couple of hundreds ringgits by doing so..

Should I get a new number?
say RJS 1? RJS 12? RJ 1200?

Too bad, these numbers are already taken and booked!


No HooRahh!!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

BMW R1200 GS Adventure "30 Years Anniversary"

I shall be getting this exact bike next week at BMW Auto Bavaria Glenmarie..
It's BMW R1200 GS Adventure "30 Years Anniversary"

'BMW' = It's BMW, of course.. don't tell me you do not know what it means.. LoL

'R' = Boxer Engine with DOHC (2010 engine), Shaft Driven..

'1200' = 1,200 cc of engine capacity (1,170cc to be exact)

'GS' = Gelände / Straße (it's German for off-road / road)

'Adventure' = Taller seats, Taller Suspensions, Bigger Fuel Tank (33-liters), Bigger Bash Plate, Tank Guards, Engine Guards, Engine Head Guards, Rear Exhaust Guards, HID Fog Lamp, Bigger Windshield, Multi-spoke rims, etc..

'30 Years Anniversary' = it is Limited Edition.. It's been 30 years since BMW introduced a radical new motorcycle to the public (1980)..  The original BMW R80 GS received a "love it/hate it" reaction from everyone who laid eyes on it, and not a single person thought the concept would succeed.
But here we are, 30 years later and the GS-series is not only one of BMW's best-selling models, it has spawned an entire new motorcycle segment called "Adventure Touring".. it comes with the special color scheme and sexy red seat – of the original R80... 

(this video is not mine, it's taken from youtube and it is the exact bike i'm getting next week.. i just wanna show you an example of this great masterpiece)


Friday, November 5, 2010

Cleaning Arai's Tour Cross II inner pads


I have cleaned and washed the Arai's Tour Cross II helmet pads.. These pads need to be washed for at least twice a month...

The pads absorbed sweat, dust and dirt during bike riding... They can hold very unpleasant odors and even harbor bacteria.. Nobody would wanna put on a stinky helmet but it's not that hard to clean up the helmet, removing stink and also making them as good as new... 


Goodbye, KLR Redbull Dakar..


I haven't been updating my blog as i have been bikeless since September..

Officially, on 15th September 2010, I have sold my beloved KLR650 Red Bull Dakar to an Australian guy who works in Malaysia... Check out the photo below how happy he was when picking up the bike.. Hahaa.. He seemed very pleasant with the KLR.. As soon as he got the bike, he managed to ride to Ulu Langat Dam and Hatyai..

Soon after i came back from the solo ride to Mae Hong Son and Golden Triangle, i had a thought that I needed a bigger CC bike... The KLR served me very well through out the 6,000 km journey...

As i sold the KLR Redbull, i have clocked 31,000 km of mileage within 8 months.. that's hell of a lot of mileage i've done, which it had served me to travel to Cambodia and Thailand for every month...
The KLR 650 is perfect bike for Indo-China, Thailand etc ride... but i believed BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE would give me a bigger smile... Heheee
And of course, now with the BMW GS1200 Adventure, i can cruise 160-180 km/h easily along the highway.. and why "GS 1200 Adventure" instead of F800GS or standard GS1200??
Because it's my FIRST BMW bike, it's been my dream bike..  and i fucking want it the best of the best!!!

No more bike upgrading after this... I'm doing it All The Way, bitchesssssssss!!!

Oh by the way... I am getting the "30 Years Anniversary" R1200 GS Adventure...

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