Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Hectic Schedule in this week..


i've been frequently traveling between Auto Bavaria BMW Glenmarie and JPJ (Road Transport Department) today..

i have learnt many things on exchanging number plates between different owners, insurance policies, etc...

Things to do in order to keep the RJB 1 number plate:

1. Get the klr650 insurance policy for myself

2. Change ownership title of the KLR grant between me and Johann

3. Once my name is on the klr grant, send the klr for Puspakom Inspection

4. Submit the klr grant with Puspakom Inspection slip to Auto Bavaria BMW

5. Transfer RJB 1 number plate to BMW R1200 GS Adventure

6. Get a new random number plate on the klr and its grant from Auto Bavaria

7. Change ownership title of the KLR grant back to Johann's with the new number plate

All i know, i can't wait for my 30 Years Anniversary to be out on this FRIDAY!!! (fingers crossed)



  1. hye~ thanks for following my blog~ very intresting blog u have here.bike passionate.=)

  2. Heyya Nyemaro,

    Cheers for following my blog too.. I'd really appreciate it.. it's about bikes + adventure riding.. Stay tuned with my new bmw bike!!!


  3. semuanya pasal motorbike? hebat! :)

    Thanks follow blog i. :)

  4. Heyya Asfira,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. ;-)

    Well, it's about bikes that i have owned... and also i wanna share all my rides/travels, hence people (with same interest) can follow my route and share our experiences.. it's something like Globe Trekker which you watch on tele..

    Hope to see you around here..


  5. Just wondering, how did you manage to get RJB 1?
    As for today, the running no plate for Perlis is RJ5913?

    okay this is damn funny.
    I thought it was RJB 3, until I clicked on a post which you snapped a photo front front of the KLR.

    It is RJ13 1, hahahaha


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