Friday, November 5, 2010

Goodbye, KLR Redbull Dakar..


I haven't been updating my blog as i have been bikeless since September..

Officially, on 15th September 2010, I have sold my beloved KLR650 Red Bull Dakar to an Australian guy who works in Malaysia... Check out the photo below how happy he was when picking up the bike.. Hahaa.. He seemed very pleasant with the KLR.. As soon as he got the bike, he managed to ride to Ulu Langat Dam and Hatyai..

Soon after i came back from the solo ride to Mae Hong Son and Golden Triangle, i had a thought that I needed a bigger CC bike... The KLR served me very well through out the 6,000 km journey...

As i sold the KLR Redbull, i have clocked 31,000 km of mileage within 8 months.. that's hell of a lot of mileage i've done, which it had served me to travel to Cambodia and Thailand for every month...
The KLR 650 is perfect bike for Indo-China, Thailand etc ride... but i believed BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE would give me a bigger smile... Heheee
And of course, now with the BMW GS1200 Adventure, i can cruise 160-180 km/h easily along the highway.. and why "GS 1200 Adventure" instead of F800GS or standard GS1200??
Because it's my FIRST BMW bike, it's been my dream bike..  and i fucking want it the best of the best!!!

No more bike upgrading after this... I'm doing it All The Way, bitchesssssssss!!!

Oh by the way... I am getting the "30 Years Anniversary" R1200 GS Adventure...

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