Thursday, July 29, 2010

1864 Corners - Completed!


I managed to do 1864 Corners of Mae Hong Son yesterday.. Many riders have done it but there are few who did it SOLO..

The journey was 400km of distance from Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son and there was only 20km of straight road.. The rest were all corners, corners and corners..

There were many types of corners and bends.. Mostly were like Tapah - Cameron Highlands (the old route), Kuala Klawang and Bukit Tinggi to make up the 1864 Corners..

I managed to ride for 7 hours to complete the 1864 Corners.. Think about it, 400km in 7 hours??? That's a hell of a lot of corners!!

Some area had very terrible road conditions, i.e. Pot holes, slippery bends, etc..

Some area had narrow and very dark road.. I doubt if a bus or lorry can pass through the narrow road.. I had a thought that I got lost for a while.. Hahaa..

So now I'm in Mae Hong Son (MHS) and getting prepared for Pai and Chiang Mai.. There will be another challenging 120km route to Pai.. Chiang Mai is 260km from MHS.. I just hope it does not rain today..

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