Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hazelnut Latte..


Hazelnut Latte is definitely one of my favourite drinks and I am fortunate enough to have it at anytime, any day with my own home made Hazelnut Latte..
Normally, I would have my venti Hazelnut latte, in takeaway cup, at Starbucks.. I’d have it in takeaway cup because it will retain its hot/warm temperature compare with mug.. Starbucks sells it for RM13.80 for a Venti hazelnut latte..
Since 2010, things have changed.. I seldom have my hazelnut latte at Strabucks because I bought an espresso machine, made by DeLonghi (EC270 model).. Although i’m still using coffee beans from either Coffee Beans or Starbucks, I'd still prefer and appreciate the homemade hazelnut latte..

I usually buy coffee beans from Coffee Beans café.. they would grind the beans finer than Starbucks.. I also had a bad experience with Starbucks where they accidently grinded the beans wrongly, more coarse than espresso’s fine grinding hence my espresso machine could not produce a tasteful espresso shots.. Since then, I have stopped buying beans from Starbucks, unless if it’s the only café nearby..

For dairy milk, I simply use Low Fat U.H.T. milk from Dutch Lady.. I would pour milk only half of the mug...

For the Hazelnut syrup, previously, non of Starbucks employees would tell me where to buy the syrup from and they’d simply refuse to let me know.. but I’ve found at Bangsar Shopping Complex, called Le Sirop de Monin, they sell the hazelnut syrup and lots of other flavoured syrups on shelves.. It costs only RM38.00 for a bottle of 1-liter syrup..

For every mug of latte, I need to pour 5 ml of the hazelnut syrup, on top of a teaspoon of sugar.. The 5 ml of hazelnut syrup can already give the hazelnut rich flavour and strong aroma..

Then I would slowly pour the double shot espresso onto the hazelnut froth and i’d prefer my hazelnut latte not to be stirred.. the best moment when making my own latte is I get the thrill of doing it and I can have them as strong as I want..


Touratech Camel Toe (Big Foot) for GS1200 Adventure

There few accessories upgrades I’ve done to my BMW 30 Years Anniversary R1200 GS Adventure and one of them is Camel Toe.. it is also known as Big Foot but I would prefer to call it Camel Toe..
Now, Sunny Cycle is a distributor of Touratech and sells the Camel Toe for RM180.00 plus installation..

Sometimes, when i park my GS Adventure at soft tarmac or gravel or sand, the standard stand would be sunk into the soft soil.. Hence the solution is to have a bigger surface area of the foot stand, thus, by installing the Camel Toe to increase the foot stand’s surface area..

The installation is pretty straight forward..
  • Place the foot stand in between of bottom and upper plates of the Camel Toe
  • Tighten all the 5 bolts and nuts, provided by Touratech


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chili's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex


Just wanna share with you my weekly routine.. Every a week or two, I would have my lunch or dinner at Chili’s.. Yes, every a week or two.. that often I have my tex-mex meals at Chili’s.. I could have written this article years ago.. but previously, I dedicated this blog only on riding my BMW GSA bike..
Since I could not get enough traffic for the blog, I decided to add write ups regarding food…
Alright back to Chili’s… I have been to most of Chili’s outlets in Kuala Lumpur.. The most favourite outlet has to be at Bangsar Shopping Complex BSC.. Why at BSC? Because the parking is easy, not so many customers, short waiting for table and the waiters/waitresses are friendly and always aware of their customers.. you don’t even have to call them.. They would simply love to hang out with you, no matter how long you gonna dine there…

Unlike at KLCC outlet, which the worst, the queue is absolutely long.. I would not wanna waste my 40 minutes of time waiting for a table.. Normally, the dishes are overcooked and waiters tend to clear off the table quickly as if they wanna get you off and replace with new customers who have been queuing for ages..

If you ask me what meals to order, I always tend to have fajitas or steaks at Chili’s but once I’m about to make an order, I always order Texas Cheese Fries with Beef Chili and Chicken Crispers.. Somehow, I must have these two every time I go to Chili’s..  LoL
Recently my mate wanted to join me for a lunch.. we were there from 2.00 pm until 5.00pm.. Obviously, Chili’s at BSC really love us for being here for more than 3 hours.. hahaa..
First meal came, we had Texas Cheese Fires, topped with Beef Chili for the appetizer..
It is a slab of homemade thick fries and topped with lots of sharp cheddar cheese and beef chili.. The warmth of the beef chili makes the sharp cheddar cheese melted.. Then it is topped with Jalapenos and bits of beef bacon.. It comes with sour cream as for dipping.. Yes, you can do double dipping here.. LoL.. This is such a comfort meal.. Ooh la la.. Totally awesome!!!
Later my Chicken Crispers and my mate's Old Timer Burger with cheese and beef chili served..
Why am I addicted to Chicken Crispers? I guess it is because the chicken breast fillets are lightly battered with Cajun batter and the honey mustard as dipping.. the light batter makes the chicken fillet to be tender, succulent and it is less oily.. The combination of the Cajun spices and honey mustard is simply gorgeous.. Oooh La La..

My mate demonstrating how to eat his Old Timer Burger, topped with Cheese and Beef Chili..

Total bill was RM108.00 for 3 huge meals and 2 bottomless drinks.. We’ll definitely be having it again next week.. Enjoy the photos..


Paksu Seafood @ Berserah, Kuantan

During the recent weekend, I went to Teluk Chempedak for a beach break.. As far as food is concerned, in East coast of Malaysia, there are lots of good food you may find such as seafood, nasi minyak with ayam masak merah, udang celup tepung, etc..
Truthfully, it seems my blog has turned into a food-review blog..  Previously, I dedicated this blog only for my BMW GSA bike and ride reports.. Nowadays, I would include food review as they would increase the traffic for my blog.. it seems everyone would dig for food than bikes.. Hahaa..
Alright, back to food review in Kuantan.. One of my favourite seafood restaurants in Kuantan is Paksu Seafood, located along Berserah beach.. At first I thought it is Malay local cuisine restaurant but it is a Chinese seafood restaurant with the name of Paksu.. Guaranteed! We took a drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, which took only 2 and half hours.. the traffic along Karak Highway and LPT Highway was very smooth.. 
Although I have been to Paksu once, I had a wonderful seafood dinner there previously but I did not have the opportunity to have its Crabs in Sweet Chili sauce..
This time, I ordered Crab in Sweet Chili with fried bread, Claypot Taufu Beancurd with Veggies, Steamed Tilapia in Thai gravy and Sea Cucumber with Broccoli..

The service at Paksu Seafood restaurant was very fast and efficient.. Although there were lots of big groups of customers and also tourists who came in 3 tourist-buses, Paksu staff still managed to serve us food in time.. It was pouring rain in that evening.. most customers were dining indoor, hence it was a bit crowded in the restaurant..
Impressively, the dishes arrived within 15 minutes of waiting..
The Sweet Chili Crab with fried bread and Claypot Beancurd dishes came first.. I was very delighted to have the crabs being served early.. Normally in other seafood restaurants, they would serve crabs as the last dish and by that time, my stomach would have been already full..
The Claypot beancurd’s gravy was perfect.. it has thick chicken stock based and when it is cooked with seafood and veggies, they enhanced the chicken stock flavour into the next level.. Speaking of the beancurd, it was soft, delicate and it melted in the mouth.. such a comfort food! Oooh La La..
While we were about to start tackling the crab with fried bread, the rest of the orders came; the Steamed Talapia in Thai gravy and Sea Cucumber with Broccoli..
I dipped the gravy of Sweet Chili crab with fried bread.. Initially the bread is a steamed bun but then it is fried, hence, it is crispy on the outside but steamy soft in the inside.. The softness of the bun absorbs the sweet chili crab gravy easily and the taste was absolutely Ooh la la.. How about the crab? At first, Paksu Seafood Restaurant does not provide crab clamp, hence, the chef has cracked the shell into many spots to assist customers to crack the shell easily.. And by doing so, the crab meat has loss its juices as the crab meat has absorbed the gravy.. On the other hand, it is easier to eat the crab with less effort to eat it.. Most seafood restaurants would provide the crab clamp so the crab retains its meat juices..
The Steamed Talapia was cooked perfectly.. Normally, I always order Siakap Fish but I wana try Red Talapia this time.. its flesh was very soft, tender and fresh.. Every time I have seafood meal, I would choose the fish to be steamed instead of deep fried.. by steaming the fish, you can taste the fresh flavour of the fish.. The Tilapia was cooked in Thai gravy.. Initially, the gravy tastes similar to Tom Yam and Asam Pedas but the gravy is slightly thick instead of Tom Yam broth type.. It tastes slightly sweet & sourish and it has some spiciness and tang flavour just like tom yam.. The taste? Absolutely delicious and amazing!!!
The total bill was RM170.00 with coconut juice for 3 persons.. Would I come here again? Definitely!!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pepes Indonesian Restaurant @ Ngee Ann City, Singapore


On the second day of my Singapore trip, I decided to do shopping along Orchard Road.. Initially I planned to go to Universal Studio but I woke up late that morning.. not to worry as I still can go on Friday, on which Universal Studio still doesn’t have big crowd like weekends.. I had lunch that was at Pepes Indonesian Restaurant on the 4th Floor of Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road.. Initially, Pepes Restaurant was formerly known as Sanur Balinese Restaurant.. it started in 5th Floor of Centre Point and they opened another branch in Ngee Ann City.. The Centre Point restaurant has been closed for years and they have changed the management as well as the name to Pepes Indonesia Restaurant at Ngee Ann City.. In general, the menu is still the same.. 

We ordered Cumi Bakar, Sambal Kangkong and Pepes’ infamous Tauhu Telur.. Cumi Bakar is actually 2 pieces of huge calamari and been grilled with sweet Balinese sauce.. Tauhu Telur is an egg omelette with tauhu base and served with sweet & thick soy sauce.. the dishes are just perfect lunch for two.. the bill was only SGD 67.00 with fizzy drinks.. Very cheap!

Since we were at Ngee Ann City, we did lots of shopping and it continued along Orchard Road.. and stated before, our plan was to makan, shopping, makan, Universal Studio, makan and shopping till we drop! Heheee..


No Sign Board Seafood @ Geylang Road, Singapore


Later, we had dinner at No Sign Board Seafood at #414, Geylang Road.. Although No Sign Board Seafood has another location, I opted to go for their first branch restaurant.. We’ve ordered Chili Crab, Buttered Prawns, Claypot Taufu and fried bread to go along with the Chili Crab.. 

The bill came for SDG 120.00 for two persons.. I would say, seafood in Malaysia especially at SkyPark Terminal 3 Subang Aiport area, offers many seafood restaurants which taste a lot nicer..

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