Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Replica BMW 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure..


Hold your horses!!!

In this article, i only wanna point the differences between an authentic 30 Years Anniversary R1200 GS Adventure and a replica 30 Years Anniversary R1200 GS Adventure..
I do not know the owner of the bike and i am 100% sure the bike was not in the advertisement..
The bike shown in the photo is just for an example, illustration purpose only and not for sale..
I am writing this as a reference and to ensure future buyers do not get scammed..

Today i wanna share my knowledge of GS Adventure, particularly on 30 Years Anniversary edition with you guys..

Couple of months ago, there was an advertisement of selling a 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure on a local website.. In the advertisement, it stated the bike was a 30 Years Anniversary, an Adventure R1200 GS model and selling at high price $$$..

Unfortunately, i did not save the link of the advert.. the bike looks similar to any 30 Years Anniversary bike but as i did some research on the photos of the bike, and i found that it was not the authentic 30 Years Anniversary model.. it is only a replica..

It was pre-facelift or pre-technical update model which does not have DOHC engine although it has similar 30 Years Anniversary stickers / decals..
Spot the differences:
A. LED Signal Lamps
  • 30 Years Anniversary were sold in 2010 and Motorrad has come up with Technical Update (TU) model which has LED signal lamps for both front and rear signal lamps
B. Meter Cluster
  • Technical Update (TU) models have black meter cluster background colour instead of grey
C. Handle Guards
  • the colour of 30 Years Anniversary handle guards are in single black tone while standard GS Adventure models have 2 tones, grey and black
  • 30 Years Anniversary handle guards are few centimeters taller than other standard GS Adventure models. 
D. Engine Cover's Spark Plug Cover & Engine oil filler cap position
  • 30 Years Anniversary is an Technical Update (TU) version hence it has DOHC engine which new configurations for spark plug cover position (vertical) instead of horizontal for the pre-technical update models
  • Cylinder head covers now with two, instead of four, fastening bolts and a new dynamic design
  • Engine oil filler cap should be on the engine's right cylinder for TU models
E. Throttle Butterfly Valve manifolds new design & colour material
  • all TU models have the throttle valve is in black colour
  • newly designed throttle butterfly valve for greater air intake, which now develops more horsepower and torque
F. Electronic Exhaust Flaps
  • electronically controlled exhaust flap for superior and powerful sound
  • i really love the exhaust tune when down shifting and upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust is Totally Unnecessary.. thanks to the electronic exhaust flap..
G. 30 Years Anniversary Red Seats
  • the trademark of 30 Years Anniversary model which comes with Red seats
  • some riders with shorter height may change the rider seat for a lower seat BUT no one would ever swap the red pillion seat for a standard Adventure seat..

I am writing this article because:
  • to let future 30 Years Anniversary Adventure second-hand buyers not to be fooled, 
  • to let him know the major and minor bike parts which tell the bike is the real 30 Years Anniversary R1200 GS Adventure..
  • the price should be lower than the original 30 Years Anniversary edition (based on its conditions)..
  • to let him know that he should not be showing off with his replica 30 Years Anniversary.. hahahaa


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