Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mods: GIVI Engine Guard + Tubeless Rims


I'm so happy.. Very happy now as my rims are no longer using tubes.. I have modified the rims to 'tubeless rims'.. What Sunny has done, he put a thick sealant inside the rims where the spokes are connected to the rims..

By putting the sealant, it closes the holes & gap between the spokes and the rims.. Hence, there is no air can be escaped through the spokes.. Therefore I can use tubeless tires.. The modification costs RM300 for both rear and front rims and it took 3 days to be done..

Why would I have 'tubeless' rims? The answer is, it is safer to use them when I get the tires punctured as the air will not escape as fast as tubes'.. Also, it will be easier to fix the punctured tires using Puncture Kit.. It saves time to repair and it costs very cheap to repair..

Can you see the engine guard? it's wicked!!!

Today, I managed to buy an engine guard, produced by Givi.. There are few engine guards available in the market for KLR 650 but so far, Givi's engine guard has the best look, size and protection.. Not to forget, I noticed the finished quality of the engine guard is similar to Motech and Hepco & Becker (although they don't produce for KLR650)..

Somehow, Givi's engine guard does not increase the bike's vibration and it is wider than Motech's although it is smaller in size.. It costs RM600 including labour cost..


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