Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mods: GIVI Engine Guard + Tubeless Rims


I'm so happy.. Very happy now as my rims are no longer using tubes.. I have modified the rims to 'tubeless rims'.. What Sunny has done, he put a thick sealant inside the rims where the spokes are connected to the rims..

By putting the sealant, it closes the holes & gap between the spokes and the rims.. Hence, there is no air can be escaped through the spokes.. Therefore I can use tubeless tires.. The modification costs RM300 for both rear and front rims and it took 3 days to be done..

Why would I have 'tubeless' rims? The answer is, it is safer to use them when I get the tires punctured as the air will not escape as fast as tubes'.. Also, it will be easier to fix the punctured tires using Puncture Kit.. It saves time to repair and it costs very cheap to repair..

Can you see the engine guard? it's wicked!!!

Today, I managed to buy an engine guard, produced by Givi.. There are few engine guards available in the market for KLR 650 but so far, Givi's engine guard has the best look, size and protection.. Not to forget, I noticed the finished quality of the engine guard is similar to Motech and Hepco & Becker (although they don't produce for KLR650)..

Somehow, Givi's engine guard does not increase the bike's vibration and it is wider than Motech's although it is smaller in size.. It costs RM600 including labour cost..


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  1. alamak..kena tinggal moto 3 hari tu yg leceh bro Nomad..pakai KLR ni wat g keje..any idea?..tq.

  2. hmmm.. depends on the workshop and mechanic, bro..

    kalau business workshop dia power, mesti 3 hari baru siap siap mechanic diaorng busy...

    kalau workshop yg tak ramai customer, maybe boleh siap 1-2 hari aja...

    my advise, you can send your bike on Friday evening after work... leave your bike at the workshop and pick up the bike on Monday morning.. but make sure they start modify the rims on Friday itself.. ;-)

  3. bro Nomad, crash guard givi ni nampak cam kecil berbanding happy trail..what do u think?

  4. Bro,

    happy trail tu buat byk vibrations.. although dia punya protection area dia lagi besar drp Givi, but Happy trail's engine guard position is quite near the tank..

    if u look at Givi's protection area, it is much smaller.. tapi Givi's engine guard terkeluar lebih drp Happy Trail (gap between tank dgn engine guard).. kalau motor jatuh, dua-dua bagi protection yg sama... cuma Givi tak byk vibration.. (this fact is based on KLR forum members)..

  5. hi...
    cantik engine guard macam..lepas ni boleh corner baring dengan confident:)


  6. Cik Din,

    Mana Chief Mechanic Team Redbull Dakar ni? bikin aku malu daaa... hari tu JinShen yg tolong pasangkan.. Nak harapkan rider pasang, mana boleh... Rider kena concentrate kat rally course.. Muahahaaa!! ;-P

  7. Superb KLR. Tip top. Kasi spray itu engine guard. Baru smart. :-)

  8. what is the price for a pair of tubeless tyre for KLR650 in Sunny?..tq..:)

  9. Mr Anonymous,

    check out:

    it's RM550 for front and rear tires inc labour...


  10. I notice that your KLR looks appealing than the stock..mainly due to its customized graphic..the standard decal makes your KLR looks fucking dull..Kawi needs to do something about this,seriously..

  11. Mr Anonymous,

    Hahaaa.. i totally agree with you.. the standard decal looks very awful...

    once customized graphics are on, the KLR looks totally amazing..

    by the way, I'm still waiting for a bigger aftermarket fuel tank...

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

    Cheers! ;-)


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