Saturday, November 10, 2012

Burger King Sweet Carolina Whopper

During my previous visit to Burger King, I was frustrated when i had the cold and cheap BBQ Beefacon Cheese..
But i was tempted with Burger King's new Western Whopper menu... it's called Sweet Carolina Whopper..

Forget about the BBQ.. most of the BBQ burgers taste almost the same and you can find BBQ burger at any fastfood outlets nowadays..

I was looking forward with its new Sweet Carolina Whopper which has Honey Mustard sauce..

Initially, Sweet Carolina Whopper is only a normal Whopper burger but with Honey Mustard sweet sauce..
It totally changes the taste of the Whopper.. usually, Whopper burger tastes dry and beef patty is lacked of juice because the heat from the grill has absorbed all its juices..
But with the Sweet Carolina sauce, combined with mayonnaise, i would say the Sweet Carolina Whopper is my favourite burger in town!!

Thumbs up for Burger King for bringing up the new Whopper menu.. By the way, a set of Sweet Carolina Whopper burger with medium fries and Coke costs only RM15.95 exc tax..


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