Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ride: Koh Samui, Thailand (7-11th April 2010)


I will be riding to Koh Samui, Gulf of Thailand on 7th April for Songkran Festival and will be staying there for 5 days... will be coming back to Kuala Lumpur on 11th April...

Who will be going for the Koh Samui trip? There will be 3 riders: Me, Doc Holiday and Piee... they are my Thailand buddies, whom i've gone riding with them to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia in February 2010...

We decided to go to Koh Samui as it will be Songkran Festival Week... most of bikers will be heading to Phuket as Phuket is hosting Phuket Bike Week during the Songkran and it will attract at least 5,000 bikers... Hence, Phuket will be a massive fcuked-up congested... As for me, i will not wanna spend and waste my 5-day holiday in crowded places... such a waste of time, money and energy...

So we've decided to head to the East of Thailand Peninsular, the Koh Samui.. ;-)

Some photos of Koh Samui i got from the internet:

The ride to Koh Samui may take 7-8 hours of riding as the distance is approximately 900 km from Kuala Lumpur..

So stay tuned for more news... and do check my blog from time to time...



  1. Enjoy your koh samui ride mate. Take care. (^_^)

  2. Cheers bro..

    i just got back.. will update the blog and facebook later..

    visit the blog soon... :-)

  3. Dah balik belum bro arif??

    Akhirnya aku berjaya sampai ke phuket dgn FZ buruk ku.. betul kata bro.. phuket punyalah ramai umat.. sampai pening kepala.. masa balik kami singgah tidur kat koh lanta.. pergh.. sungguh menyamankan.. hehehe.. nanti bulan 6 nak pi krabi plak.. nak ikut tak?? tapi kami geng2 moto kecik jer la.. paling besar sym vts 200..


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