Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Catamaran Sailing Hobby


I've picked up sailing hobby since I was studying at Sussex University, Brighton UK but it was on a dinghy sailing. Although it was a tiny dinghy, I learnt the sailing concept to tack and gybe.

Anyway, 10 years have gone.. Then I started to love sailing Catamaran when I was in Langkawi in 2007.. It was Hobie Cat 16 which was very light and fast cutting through waves..

Nowadays, every time I travel to Kota Kinabalu with my wife, I would rent Hobie Cat Catamaran at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu.

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Although Shangri-La Resort has Hobie Getaway, which is heavy due to its big size, it won't have any problem because Kota Kinabalu has pretty strong wind. Me and my wife usually travel to Kota Kinabalu twice a year as K.K. is her hometown. These are the moments when I get to sail although twice a year isn't enough for me..
Unfortunately, there is no Hobie Cat for rent in Peninsular Malaysia unless I purchase one (Hobie Cat 16).. but again, does Port Dickson has enough wind to lift the Hobie Cat 16 off the water? Hmmmmm...
Maybe Penang would do...

I'd just wish they have Hobie Cat 16 in Shangri-La Resort and i'm pretty sure I could fly it off the water...

Hobie Cat Getaway brings stability, comfort and size to the recreational sailor. It can carry up to 4 crew and weighs 180kg. Hence, Hobie Cat Getaway is just for fun.. At Shangri-La's Star Marina, Hobie Cat Getaway rental costs RM80 for 1 hour but you can always negotiate with the manager to allow you to sail up to 2 hours for RM 80..

After sailing, it's great to watch the sunset at Sunset Bar.. Sabah has the most wonderful sunset and having cocktails and beer at Sunset Bar completes our evening. Huffington Post says Sabah is one of Eight Great Places to watch the Sunset. It is advisable to make reservations earlier and it costs minimum RM75 of menu orders per person for a sofa/table.


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