Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ride: Hua Hin - Hatyai, Thailand

Hua Hin - Hatyai, Thailand (19/2/2010)


It is such a shame to stay at beautiful beach town such as Hua Hin only for a night... i love Hua Hin so much.. No worries, i shall visit Hua Hin again when i will be traveling to visit my friend in Khlong Yai.. :wink:

Anyway, our next destination is Hatyai, which is located 750 km to the South of Hua Hin along Route 4 highway...

The night at Hilton Hotel in Hua Hin, me, Doc Holiday and Piee decided to ride in a group and seperated from Zaini's group... we decided to split up with them as we our bikes (KLR650, Versys and DR Big) can do a long range of mileage and left Hua Hin as early as 6.00 am.. we wanted to save our time by doing only 2 stops (300 km intervals) and reach Hatyai at noon so we could spend more time in the city... Hence, our refueling would be done at Chumphon and Wiang Sa..

But the plan of reaching at Hatyai at noon was a failure as Piee's bike broke down at Thap Sakae.. Anyway, we still managed to reach Hatyai at 2.30 pm and still had the time to spend in the city... OooWiee!

We checked in at Florida Hotel, Hatyai which is roughly 1.5 km away from Lee Gardens Hotel Plaza (the heart of Hatyai city).. Florida Hotel has a great location for those who would not wanna stay in the hustle bustle of the city and prefer to take tuk-tuk to the city.. anyway, the hotel is only 1.5 km from the city.. the room costs 550 Baht per night..

I decided to have a full body massage in Hatyai as i've never had one since the day i've left Kuala Lumpur, been reached Thailand and Cambodia..

I had a wonderful lunch with Eddy, Doc Holiday and Piee at thai restaurant, called Kai Tod Daycha.. Eddy, a friend of Doc Holiday who rode from Taiping and joined us in Hatyai, kindly treated us the great lunch... Cheers mate!

Then most of us spent most of the time by ourselves.. i went a walk with Piee around the Florida hotel as there are many sight-seeing places can be done... hehehe.. Piee is such a funny guy!! He's a true, great entertainer!!

The night, i decided to walk around Lee Garden Hotel Plaza.. there were many tourists having street food..

i met a friendly girl who was willing to show me around Hatyai on her motorcycle at night... such a great opportunity for me to become a pillion of someone who knows the city very well...

then we had McDonald's for dinner... why McD? it's because i'm always hooked with fastfood, even in Kuala Lumpur.. I won't be satisfied without fastfood.. hehehe...
Anyway, I simply love McDonald's in Thailand as they serve Triple Cheeseburger.. they were Absolutely Juicy and Yummy!

Later that night, i decided to have fun and experience Hatyai nightclub.. so i went to a club, called Ice Bar, and actually it's a chic funky club..

Therefore, to summarize the ride from Hua Hin to Hatyai, we rode almost 750 km and took my long range group almost 8 hours to reach Hatyai including the time of fixing my friend's bike...



  1. Triple cheeseburger! Yummy! Hehehe. The girl riding on motorcycle is the bartender?

  2. Yen,
    Indeed it's Triple Cheeseburger... somehow, McD in Thailand always cook the burgers perfectly... the burger patties are still juicy and tender and the cheese melts... unlike in KL, most McD burgers are over-cooked and cold..

    Oh, that's different girl.. she's a motorcup rider only... the cocktail mixer whom i met, works at Ice Bar.. which i went there later after the dinner... hehehe..

  3. Sumer awek nak kebas...hahahaha

  4. Dayat,

    blog ni pasal awek atau pasal traveling on bikes?

    anyway bro, kat Pattaya lain skit.. awek sana pandang lelaki matsalleh saja.. tapi for sure awek nya pun tak cun... org matsalleh mana reti, cun ke atau huduh.. taste diorang kat awek yg sume gelap-gelap..


  5. nice blog bro, nicely done.. i've got only 1 question for now, i wonder who's your friend in Khlong Yai.. and nice picture of cheeseburger man.. haha

  6. Meor Arif,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Sir... :-P

    That's a priceless cheeseburger photo.. McD should thank me.. haha

    btw, I still have unfinished business in Khlong Yai.. hehehe...

  7. Wah bro the picture of cheeseburger is.....:DD


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