Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (19/5/2010)

Currently i'm in Koh Phi Phi, staying on the island for 4 days... the initial plan was to go to koh Kradan had to be canceled due to less travelers going to Koh Kradan during the low season...

Hence I took a boat to Koh Phi Phi on Monday from Koh Lanta, after staying 1 night at Ananda Lanta Resort... the bike is parked at Ananda Resort...

Amazingly, when i was riding along a narrow lane in Koh Lanta, there was a guy looking at me and saying "HooRahh!!"... i wonder if he's seen my blog..

I will be coming back to KL on Thursday without staying 1 night in Koh Lanta... the boat to koh lanta will be departing at 11.30 am and reaching at 1.00 pm... then i will put up my riding gears and ride back to KL without stopping for a night stay... i reckon i would be arriving at KL at 9.00 pm, depending how busy Malaysia-Thai Border Control will be.. it's gonna be a long trip and the ride in the afternoon will give me more time to rest tonight and get enough sleep..

I have been partying every night at Koh Phi Phi.. it's amazing to party every night here...  hahahaaa..

will upload photos once i'm back...


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ride: Koh Kradan, Thailand (Few hours before departing)


As usual, it is a practice for me to write the blog few hours before i start riding...

The destination is Koh Kradan, Thailand... Koh Kradan is situated in Andaman Sea, West Coast of Thailand.. it is an amazing and beautiful island... i have been to Koh Kradan in March 2010 but it was only a 2-hour visit by having a simple Thai lunch on the island during an island-hopping tour..

This time, i will have full of fun on Koh Kradan for 4 days... i have not made any room reservations in Koh Kradan yet.. Currently, it is a Low Season in most Thailand beaches... Hence, most of the hotels will be 50% cheaper...

Also, i will be staying 1 night in Koh Lanta to celebrate my friend's birthday (Nicole from Switzerland)..

I will be leaving at 3 o'clock in the morning.. the distance is 800 km from Kuala Lumpur and it takes approximately 7 hours to reach Koh Lanta..

On Monday, i will park my bike at Ananda Lanta Resort and catch a boat to Koh Kradan and i shall be back on Thursday (20th May)..

So it's time to start packing and get the bike ready to be ridden... Oh by the way, CHELSEA HAVE WON DOUBLE!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Koh Samui, Thailand (Part 2)


After my mates have left to Phuket, i really wanted to explore Koh Samui more... but first, i had to check out from the previous hotel and moved to a better one... the reason why i moved to a better hotel because the previous hotel room was very old and the bathroom was not very clean... The new hotel is called Chaweng Palace Hotel.. it is a new hotel and the hotel lady gave me a further 60% discount on the room, which turned to be 600 Baht per night... it definitely has a beautiful room, equipped with LCD TV and very clean bathroom...

After getting bored with Chaweng Beach, i went to Lamai Beach.. Lamai Beach is located 10 km from Chaweng Beach...

Upon reaching Lamai, the beach looks nice and beautiful... but as i got closer to the beach, i felt the sand is coarse, sea water is not as clear as i thought... it is cloudy with logs and rubbish.. in fact, the sea bed is quite steep and the waves are strong... Hmmm... what a disappointment... it's time to leave this beach..

Anyway, Lamai is famous for its bars and pubs in the evening... there are hundreds of girls working at these bars, great for those who are looking for bar entertainment & extra fun.. haha ;-p

So i left Lamai Beach and started to search for a better beach... as i was riding along the winding Samui road, i saw a small bay which is hidden between the hills and trees... i rode few times to find the entrance of the bay...

HooRahh!! Finally, i found it!!! 

Met couple of new friends from Norway, Finland and Switzerland.. they are very friendly and spent most of the evening at their home, drinking and checking out youtube clips...

Hanne had a swimming mattress which is so brilliant as it also can be a floating bar... it is her 2nd swimming mattress as the previous mattress was punctured by a little crab... eventually, the 2nd mattress got punctured by little kids.. hehehe..

I spent the rest of the day on the beautiful, gorgeous and peaceful small bay...

Later that evening, i had a lovely Thai beef noodle soup... the clear broth was so yummMMMmmy...

One the next day, went to the small bay as early as 9.00 am... started to have lots of Chang as it was sold at the bay resort for 30 Baht per bottle.. fookin' Cheap!!!

By the way, drinking Chang at 9.00 am??? That's what i call, Breakfast of Champions.... hahaha

Spent the rest of the day again with my european friends... Later in the evening, i had dinner with 2 lovely Swiss girls, Nicole and Tanja.. then we continued to have big pint of Chang at Duke Pub (along Chaweng Street) which had live-band... totally a wicked night to be remembered!!!

I love Koh Samui so much... especially the beautiful bay a.k.a. "hidden paradise"... i will not ever mention the name of the hidden paradise.. the location is always in my mind..

i will definitely be going to Koh Samui again and also exploring Koh Phangan and Koh Tao (from Chumpon)...

Had to leave to Hatyai on the next day... i was only 3 minutes late to catch the 9.00 am Seatran Ferry... hmmm... Blaming myself for having too much of Chang and fun the night before... haha...

But i managed to get the 10.00 am ferry and reached Don Sak at 11.15 am... headed straight to Hatyai via the East Coast (Hua Sai, Ranot and Songkhla) and reached Hatyai at 2.00 pm..


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update: Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3


It's time to update some parts of the KLR 650..

After almost 18,000 km of mileage clocked, the front Metzeler Sahara 3 rear tire looks pretty soft and there is only almost 50% tread left.. I guess i can ride safely for another 5,000 km with this front tire..

Whilst the rear tire needed to be changed, most probably only 20% of tire tread left... hence, i changed only the rear tire to a new Metzeler Sahara 3 Enduro... it costs RM320.00 only for the rear tire at Sunny Cycle, KL..

With 18,000 km of mileage done, the tires have served me very well... the performance is much better, more comfortable, smoother than the Standard Dunlop tires and they reduce the high speed wobble significantly... I would totally recommend the Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3 for those who travel long distance a lot!!!


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