Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update: Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3


It's time to update some parts of the KLR 650..

After almost 18,000 km of mileage clocked, the front Metzeler Sahara 3 rear tire looks pretty soft and there is only almost 50% tread left.. I guess i can ride safely for another 5,000 km with this front tire..

Whilst the rear tire needed to be changed, most probably only 20% of tire tread left... hence, i changed only the rear tire to a new Metzeler Sahara 3 Enduro... it costs RM320.00 only for the rear tire at Sunny Cycle, KL..

With 18,000 km of mileage done, the tires have served me very well... the performance is much better, more comfortable, smoother than the Standard Dunlop tires and they reduce the high speed wobble significantly... I would totally recommend the Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3 for those who travel long distance a lot!!!


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