Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride: Songkhla, Thailand

Kuala Lumpur - Songkhla, Thailand (20/6/2010)
It was Saturday late evening, i was thinking what to do on Sunday.. should i ride to Awana and Bukit Tinggi? or should i ride to Cherating, Pahang?

Nahhh... they are too 'near' for me and they are in Malaysia.. Also, ride in Malaysia?? Apa barangggg.. Hahaaa ;-P

Then i was asking myself, how fit i am now before Chiang Mai ride in July? I will ride solo to Chiang Mai and it will cover almost 6,000 km of distance...

Hence i decided to ride solo to Songkhla, via Hatyai town.. Songkhla is located almost 30 km from Hatyai and 595 km from Kuala Lumpur... 
A very Short ride for me.. ;-P

So i left my house at 7 o'clock in the morning.. for this trip, i travelled very light.. brought couple pair of T-shirts and sandals.. Also, i wanted to test 2 new items, which are Tank Bag and Scott-Oiler chain lubricant..

I reached Danok at 11.00 am after clearing both Malaysian and Thai Immigration and Customs.. this time, i skipped my lunch at my favourite Danok restaurant as i wanted to have BBQ Chicken Rice in my favourite Hatyai restaurant... so far, i've never missed the BBQ chicken rice there...

As i reached Hatyai, i checked-in at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel... it is a 4-star hotel and located in the centre of Hatyai town... i got the room for 1000 Baht including breakfast for two... then i headed for a lunch and went to Ko Yo, Songkhla...

Ko Yo is an island in Great Songkhla Lake and located 35 km from Hatyai town.. The first stop i made was at Southern Folklore Museum.. the museum is on a hill and it has an amazing view of Tinsunalonda Bridge.. i was told that the bridge is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand...

Along the bridge, there is a Sleeping Buddha Statue... the statue is famous as the mountains in front of the statue has a similar shape of the Sleeping Buddha...

Therefore i stopped along the concrete bridge and snapped a photo of the Buddha and the mountains...
It was almost 4.00 pm and i headed to Hatyai Municipal Park... At the hilltop of the park, there is a huge Buddha statue, facing Hatyai town... Also, from the whole of Hatyai town, Samila Beach and Ko Yo can be seen from the hilltop.. simply breathtaking.. but getting to the hilltop, i had to ride a very steep narrow road and had to workout on climbing staircase for almost 200 meters...

Later in the evening, i had a simple dinner with a new friend i met... the dishes were Fried Mantis Prawn and Duck Tongue in Herbal Gravy... 

Oh, by the way, Oreo cookies in Thailand always tastes nicer than in Malaysia.. Hahaaa!!  ;-P



  1. Like you said mate, everything tastes good when you are on holiday ;-)

  2. helu...
    aku pun nak oreo juga.... ada lebih ke
    best gile ni:)


  3. Wadin @ Din Metro @ Din Batu Caves @ Din Rawang @ Din Klang @ Din Temerloh,

    Ko pun nak Oreo gak? Come to my house in the next 10 days.. we do DIY on FMF Exhaust... then post at Youtube!

  4. Dude you missed the Khlong Hae floating market...just outside Hatyai. Just like the one in Ratchaburi but smaller and full of Malaysians. They're only open in the evening Friday-Sunday.

    Ride Far, ride far or stay home

  5. Zaini,

    Yes, i have been there... i went with Sofia, the hot chic working at Florida Hotel.. heheee.. ;-P

    And you're right, the place is full of people.. even trying to find a parking for scooter is hard..

  6. Syioook la bro..! Plan to go there on this 1st April.

    Err...Oreo tu ade lebih tak? kehkehkeh

    chiaww bro..


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