Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surat Thani, Thailand..


In July 2012, after spending 3 days in Koh Samui, i rode solo to Surat Thani to meet a friend of mine, who is Thai and been working in Koh Samui before.. Now she lives in Surat Thani and works for Chevrolet Thailand..

I took the 10.00 am Seatran ferry from Koh Samui pier.. i reached the pier almost an hour early so i stopped at a restaurant nearby to have a breakfast of Khao Mun Gai.. generally, Khao Mun Gai is a famous dish in Thailand, where Thais would eat it during breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Khao Mun Gai is commonly known as Chicken Rice in other countries.. Khao means rice, Gai means Chicken and Mun means the oil/fat dripping from the roast chicken..
Normally, i would have my Khao Mun Gai with a glass of Gaa Fae Yen.. Gaa Fae means Coffee and Yen means cold (normally it serves with ice cubes)..

After breakfast, i headed straight to the pier, bought ferry ticket for a big motorcycle and a rider which costs almost 260 Baht, if i could still remember the exact price..

The journey back to Don Sak pier took nearly 1 hour and 15 minutes.. met few Malaysian riders from Penang, on their way back to Malaysia after spending 2 days at Koh Samui..
Reached Don Sak pier, i was still on my carpenter shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.. i decided to ride to amphoe muang Surat Thani without changing to riding apparels.. i could ride as slow as 100 km/h with the shorts and flip flops..
Surat Thani is only 56 km from Don Sak pier.. Upon reaching Surat Thani, i had to search for Roi Koh Resort.. Initially my friend had booked a room for me but telling the name of the hotel is 1000 Island Resort.. i could not find the hotel in Surat Thani but  then i asked a receptionist at Centara Hotel, saying that One Thousand Island Resort is the name in English.. the Thai name is Roi (Thousand) Koh (Island) Resort, located very near to a huge Tesco Lotus..

The room is wonderful, spacious and clean.. it is facing a swimming pool and costs only 1,100 Baht per night..  Ooowieee!!

Had lunch at Kanchanadit for fresh Thai Oysters, Lobster Prawns and Crabs.. Kanchanadit is a fishing village, 40 km from Surat Thani city.. most Surat Thani residents would drive to Kanchanadit for seafood meals.. the price of the Oysters are very cheap, i.e. from 5 Baht to 20 Baht depending on its sizes and they are super fresh too.. HooRahh!!

Then we headed back to Surat Thani town to have desserts and coffee at an independent cafe, called My Cup Cafe.. In Thailand, there are lots of successful independent cafes and Starbucks / Coffee Beans are quite rare to be seen.. unless if u're in areas populated with farang.. the prices of coffee late, cappuccino, etc at the independent cafes are 60% lower than Starbucks because Thai consumers really put an effort to support the local coffee farmers, by brewing their local coffee.. this ensures the price of every latte remains low and affordable for all..

For dinner, we just had simple Phad Thai in the Surat Thani night market, next to Riverside...

Went back to the hotel, had a very good sleep and left Surat Thani in the morning for Kuala Lumpur (950 km, almost iron butt mileage)... Solo ride as always..



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    1. bila nak ade pillion? well, tu lar problem nya.. skrg dah berumur 31 tahun.. calon nya pun masih tak ade.. boleh tolong kenal-kenal kan.. hehee..


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