Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hazelnut Latte..


Hazelnut Latte is definitely one of my favourite drinks and I am fortunate enough to have it at anytime, any day with my own home made Hazelnut Latte..
Normally, I would have my venti Hazelnut latte, in takeaway cup, at Starbucks.. I’d have it in takeaway cup because it will retain its hot/warm temperature compare with mug.. Starbucks sells it for RM13.80 for a Venti hazelnut latte..
Since 2010, things have changed.. I seldom have my hazelnut latte at Strabucks because I bought an espresso machine, made by DeLonghi (EC270 model).. Although i’m still using coffee beans from either Coffee Beans or Starbucks, I'd still prefer and appreciate the homemade hazelnut latte..

I usually buy coffee beans from Coffee Beans café.. they would grind the beans finer than Starbucks.. I also had a bad experience with Starbucks where they accidently grinded the beans wrongly, more coarse than espresso’s fine grinding hence my espresso machine could not produce a tasteful espresso shots.. Since then, I have stopped buying beans from Starbucks, unless if it’s the only café nearby..

For dairy milk, I simply use Low Fat U.H.T. milk from Dutch Lady.. I would pour milk only half of the mug...

For the Hazelnut syrup, previously, non of Starbucks employees would tell me where to buy the syrup from and they’d simply refuse to let me know.. but I’ve found at Bangsar Shopping Complex, called Le Sirop de Monin, they sell the hazelnut syrup and lots of other flavoured syrups on shelves.. It costs only RM38.00 for a bottle of 1-liter syrup..

For every mug of latte, I need to pour 5 ml of the hazelnut syrup, on top of a teaspoon of sugar.. The 5 ml of hazelnut syrup can already give the hazelnut rich flavour and strong aroma..

Then I would slowly pour the double shot espresso onto the hazelnut froth and i’d prefer my hazelnut latte not to be stirred.. the best moment when making my own latte is I get the thrill of doing it and I can have them as strong as I want..



  1. Boss...when I go visit you I want the homemade coffe of yours.....just love coffee so much but everyday hang tuah black coffee is sometimes making me going abit of "puke" because it was "too daily" for me....:(

  2. Fresh espresso coffee, then pour on frothy hot milk.. that's the best latte u can get, Brahh.. add lil bit of sugar and hazelnut syrup, that's Heaven!

    thanks for visiting my blog, Brahh..

  3. Make some more coffee review.....& if can,make its own category.Maybe can increase more traffic as I know they're lotsa peopla out there is "hantu kopi",or should I say,"Coffee enthusiast"....

    1. Brahh.. I bet there are millions of coffee lovers laughing at me.. I'm just a newbie in making coffee.. the reason why I bought the espresso machine is because I wanna make unlimited cups of hazelnut latte.. hehee..

      by the way Brahh, are you Mr Jundap? I'm so clueless.. hahaa


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