Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chili's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex


Just wanna share with you my weekly routine.. Every a week or two, I would have my lunch or dinner at Chili’s.. Yes, every a week or two.. that often I have my tex-mex meals at Chili’s.. I could have written this article years ago.. but previously, I dedicated this blog only on riding my BMW GSA bike..
Since I could not get enough traffic for the blog, I decided to add write ups regarding food…
Alright back to Chili’s… I have been to most of Chili’s outlets in Kuala Lumpur.. The most favourite outlet has to be at Bangsar Shopping Complex BSC.. Why at BSC? Because the parking is easy, not so many customers, short waiting for table and the waiters/waitresses are friendly and always aware of their customers.. you don’t even have to call them.. They would simply love to hang out with you, no matter how long you gonna dine there…

Unlike at KLCC outlet, which the worst, the queue is absolutely long.. I would not wanna waste my 40 minutes of time waiting for a table.. Normally, the dishes are overcooked and waiters tend to clear off the table quickly as if they wanna get you off and replace with new customers who have been queuing for ages..

If you ask me what meals to order, I always tend to have fajitas or steaks at Chili’s but once I’m about to make an order, I always order Texas Cheese Fries with Beef Chili and Chicken Crispers.. Somehow, I must have these two every time I go to Chili’s..  LoL
Recently my mate wanted to join me for a lunch.. we were there from 2.00 pm until 5.00pm.. Obviously, Chili’s at BSC really love us for being here for more than 3 hours.. hahaa..
First meal came, we had Texas Cheese Fires, topped with Beef Chili for the appetizer..
It is a slab of homemade thick fries and topped with lots of sharp cheddar cheese and beef chili.. The warmth of the beef chili makes the sharp cheddar cheese melted.. Then it is topped with Jalapenos and bits of beef bacon.. It comes with sour cream as for dipping.. Yes, you can do double dipping here.. LoL.. This is such a comfort meal.. Ooh la la.. Totally awesome!!!
Later my Chicken Crispers and my mate's Old Timer Burger with cheese and beef chili served..
Why am I addicted to Chicken Crispers? I guess it is because the chicken breast fillets are lightly battered with Cajun batter and the honey mustard as dipping.. the light batter makes the chicken fillet to be tender, succulent and it is less oily.. The combination of the Cajun spices and honey mustard is simply gorgeous.. Oooh La La..

My mate demonstrating how to eat his Old Timer Burger, topped with Cheese and Beef Chili..

Total bill was RM108.00 for 3 huge meals and 2 bottomless drinks.. We’ll definitely be having it again next week.. Enjoy the photos..



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