Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mae Hong Son (3rd Time) : Hua Hin - Mae Sot


On the second day of my Ramadhan 3rd Solo Ride to Mae Hong Son's 1864 Corners, i started with great breakfast provided by Colonnade Hotel in Hua Hin.. the breakfast was taken placed at Tom & Tom coffee shop..

The ride to Mae Sot is only 700 km from Hua Hin.. i planned my ride would take at least 7 hours to complete and my average speed always be 130 kmph and i might do couple of rest & re-fueling stops in between..

Then went to Hua Hin Train Station which was located 1 km away from Colonnade Hotel.. I have been to the train station for few times but never took a photo with my bike..

I started my journey to Mae Sot at 9.00 am from Hua Hin.. I knew i started a bit late after taking photos at Hua Hin Train Station..

So i started my ride via Phet Kassem on Route 4 after i exited Cha-Am.. As i rode to the North, there's a signage pointing Bangkok and Samut Songkhram on Route 35..

On Samut Songkhram's Route 35, it leads to Samut Sangkhon and Bangkok City via Bangkok's outer ring roadKanchana Phisek of Route 9.. The traffic gets heavier and heavier as i am riding along the Route 35..

As i am approaching Bangkok city, i had to exit the Route 35, near Thanon Rama II.. There is a big blue Motor Highway lights and toll booths at the end of Route 35.. before the toll booths, there is an exit junction of Route 35, which connects to Kanchana Phisek's Route 9 and took that exit.. The distance from Samut Songkhram / Phet Kasem interchange to Thanon Rama II is merely 75 km..

Along the Kanchana Phisek Route 9, this is where i have to be aware of all the road / route signs.. it's a bit tricky as there are many interchange junctions and i must be aware of the building traffic.. sometimes the route signs could be blocked by huge lorries and busses on the slow lane.. therefore i just need to be alert of the signboards while riding in between cars through Bangkok traffic..

Finally, after 82 km riding along Kanchana Phisek of Route 9, i reached the AH1-Route 32 - Route 1 huge interchange also known as Pratunam Phra-In interchange.. Then i proceeded to ride on AH1-Route 32 highway and Ayutthaya town interchange is not very far.. only 23 km from the Kanchana Phisek interchange..

I planned to go to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya town for a coffee break and few photo shots of Ayutthaya.. It has been almost 2 and half hours of riding and i have covered 300 km of distance from Hua Hin..

After 30-minute coffee break, i started my ride back on Route 1 towards the North.. I had a lunch break at PTT Kamhaeng Phet before headed to Tak.. The distance from Ayutthaya to Tak is merely 340 km..

As i was approaching Tak town along the Route 1, there is a T-Junction which leads to Mae Sot, Route 105..

I ended my ride in Mae Sot as the 1864 Corners will start from Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son.. On Route 105, the distance is approximately 80 km to Mae Sot from Tak junction..

The 80 km of riding is the "warm-up" ride of Mae Hong Son's 1864 Corners where the Route 105 starts to be hilly and full of corners in the mountains.. This is very encouraging as it builds up the riding spirit after the long, straight and boring 700 km of riding from Hua Hin to Tak.. 

I made a room booking via for the best hotel in Mae Sot.. it is called Centara Mae Sot Hill Resort.. It has nice, big and clean room,  swimming pool and serves a huge spread of breakfast buffet.. It costs RM120.00 per night..
It has a nice music bar where i could chill listening to music, updating my blog and drink..

Ride in Style.. HooRahh!!

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