Thursday, October 18, 2012

BB Seafood Village @ Subang Airport (Opposite Terminal 3)


Let me share with my favourite Chinese seafood restaurant near Kuala Lumpur.. It is called B.B. Subang Seafood Village.. I’ve been going to the seafood restaurant since I was a kid.. I believe the restaurant has been established even before I was born.. 
It is located opposite of Sky Park Terminal 3 Subang Airport aka the Old Subang Airport.. it's been there and was very popular back in 80’s and 90’s.. brings back the old memories..

As usual, when I have Chinese seafood dinner, I would order the same dishes, which are Sweet & Sour Chili Crabs with fried bread, Steamed Tilapia in Assam Pedas gravy, Butter Prawns and Claypot Taufu..

We started our meal with Rojak Buah.. We always love their Rojak Buah as appetizer.. the Petis is sourish and goes very well with shredded dried sotong, tauhu bakar and rojak fruits..

Steamed Tilapia in Assam Pedas
Butter Prawns
Claypot Taufu
Sweet & Sour Chili Crabs
Fluffy Fried Bread

The total bill was RM165.00 and can be considered as cheap for huge portions of delicious seafood dishes.. and very satisfying too!



  1. Replies
    1. Hehee.. laju je Brahh respond..
      aku purposely letak photo besar2.. hehee

    2. Lebih kurang jer harganya dengan Hai Thein Kuala Perlis.... B-)

    3. Standard tu Brahh.. Chinese food mmg tak lari harga dia.. cume kat Perlis tu lagi fresh seafood dia.. cayalah Brahh!!

  2. next time kita tukar menu lain pulak:)...sedoppp

    1. Yess Brahh.. mmg terbaeeeek dinner last friday dgn Erry & KH skali.. sembang smpai kul 12.. hahaa..

      next time kite order ikan stim masak cantonese soy sauce lak.. tu mmg sedap... nyum nyum..

  3. Juz went to BB Seafood yesterday with my beloved… We’ve ordered butter prawn, siakap asampedas, 3 mix beans n sizzling toufu with white rice..

    The bill came out RM100 over n truly speaking the Are deliciously great and its worth for wat u’ve paid for.

    Plan to visit again cuming weekend with family..

    The staffs who are employed at BB Seafood were also Well trained and very friendly too.

    Really enjoyed my time over der..

    Thx a lot BB Seafood


    Dark Devil


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