Friday, October 5, 2012

KFC's Zinger Double Down..

Is it a bird?... Is it a plane?.... It’s Super-Greasy Double Down!!!

Finally, KFC Malaysia has launched the Double Down sandwich which was introduced in United States in 2010.. and i've tried the all new KFC’s Zinger Double Down sandwich at Aeon Jusco Keramat.. The word of sandwich is totally misused because when I think of sandwich, I always think a healthy meal; cuts of veggies, slices of meat or tuna chunks in between 2 slices of bread..

The KFC’s Zinger Double Down is made of two thick of deep-fried chicken fillets, coated with Zinger’s hot spices.. The Zinger chicken fillets are used as the ‘sandwich bread’..
It is priced at RM8.40 exc tax for ala carte, and RM10.50 exc tax for combo (double down sandwich and Regular Soft Drinks)..
In between the Zinger fillets, KFC inserted a slice of Beef Bacon, a slice of cheddar cheese, smothered with Cheezy Wedges cheese sauce and Colonel’s secret sauce.. It's a bomb, i tell ya..
Tell ya the truth.. This sandwich has too much of grease and it tastes salty.. i could not even finish the Double Down.. it is not because i was full.. it is because i love my life and i don't wanna get a cardiac arrest at young age.. i still have plenty things to achieve in my life.. LoL
Credits: KFC Malaysia Facebook 
You dare enough to have a piece? Then have a go, Sir..


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