Monday, October 1, 2012

Touratech Crash Bar Pouch / Bags


Speaking of luggage on my 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure, previously, the luggage set up were only a Hepco & Becker Top Box and a Motorrad Tank Bag.. These two luggage are waterproof and dustproof..
Obviously, i am not a side-panniers rider as i don't feel comfortable riding with side-panniers, although i have tried using them.. also, the longest duration i went riding previously for 30 days, having a Top Box and a Tank Bag is good enough..

Recently, I added another luggage to the R1200 GS Adventure.. they are Crash Bar bags.. they come in a pair (for both left and right tank guard) and made by Touratech and costs on RM350.00 at Sunny Cycle, who is now a distributor of Touratech in Malaysia..

I can keep additional road maps, spare gloves, a small mineral bottle in each of the bag.. it’s very handy and useful..
Installation is extremely easy.. Each bag comes with a strap and a pocket so the crash bar loop (D-shaped bar) can be inserted and secured properly.. Fasten and tighten the strap to secure the bag..

I have used them in heavy thunderstorm rain and they are 100% waterproof.. I have ridden at the top speed of 180 km/h and the bags hold the crash bar steadily.. No worries at all..
Now, my GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary has 3 different brands for luggage bags; Hepco & Becker, BMW Motorrad and Touratech..


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