Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Touratech Throttle Valve Cover

One of the Must Have accessories to be installed on the GS Adventure is the Throttle Butterfly Valve Cover..

It protects the Throttle Butterfly Valve on the left side of the air intake manifold, which is made of plastic.. if the bike falls on the left side, falls onto a big rock and smashes the throttle valve, that will be the end of the day for riding..
I bought the Touratech Throttle Valve Cover for RM180.00 from Sunny Cycle, who is Touratech distributor in Malaysia..
The installation is pretty straight forward.. Simply remove the original screws on the throttle valve..
Then place the Touratech’s Throttle Valve Cover.. and put the longer screws on.. The longer screws are provided by Touratech..

Now I don’t have to be worried if the my GS Adventure crashes on the left side and hits a big rock..
Also, it adds the bling-bling on the bike..


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