Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BMW GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is MINE!


Sorry for not updating Globe NOMAD Rider blog for almost a week.. i have been enjoying my life with my all new... Yeap, a spanking brand new BMW R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary...  Yes, you've heard me, you bunch of haters... it's BMW R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary... HooRahh!!!

I collected the GS Adventure 30 Year Anniversary on last Monday (16th November 2010) from BMW Motorrad's Auto Bavaria @ Glenmarie Shah Alam.. it was the happiest day of my life.. ever!

Earlier in the morning, i was at Road Transport Department to register the bike, get the bike registration card and road tax.. Obviously i can let the BMW Motorrad sales rep to sort it out for me, but it may take another day.. As i could not wait, i would rather do it myself and learn the process of registering a vehicle on my own..

At noon, i was already at Auto Bavaria with the registration card and road tax... i met Sahran Ali (Motorrad sales rep) and he was doing the final touch of the number plate on my new bike (RJ 131)..

After signing couple of thick documents for loan purposes, we did the official bike key hand-over ceremony by snapping few photos and the bike was ready to be taken out of the BMW Motorrad showroom.. The GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is now Officially mine after 2 months of delivery waiting!! OooWieeee!!

i could have taken the bike home by 3.00 pm but the day was pissing heavily... i ended up chilling out with Sahran and my mate, Yen, at Motorrad until it was almost 6.00 pm, the rain had stopped...

As the bike was brought to the main entrance, it was time for me to crank the bike's engine up and started to learn few do's and dont's with the bike... well, it's pretty easy with the buttons.. very simple and straight forward..

i was very amazed with ACS (Automatic Stability Control), ABS, Tire Pressure, etc etc... Some sad wankers have been saying the BMW motorcycles have many electronic problems.. Well my advice is: If you can't get one BMW motorrad, just STFU!! Hahahaa

Anyway, enough of talking and do enjoy the photos on the day when GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is officially mine!!!

For your info, there are only 13 units of GS1200 Adventure 30 Years Anniversary have been brought in Malaysia and all of them have already been taken... It costs RM 130,000.00 (excluding panniers) and that's how much a serious traveler like me would pay for this piece of machine..

The R1200 GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary is very limited, a rare piece of machine and i'm glad to be a part of BMW Motorrad's herritage since the first GS model (R80 GS) was introduced back in 1980... Hahahahaaa... Also, i'm the happiest GS Adventure owner in the world because this is my very FIRST BMW bike!!!

More write-ups of the 30 Years Anniversary of GS can be found here: 30 Years Anniversary of BMW GS

Now i can proudly say it out loud:

Apa Barangggggggggg!!! 

F**k Yeahhhhh!! F***cckkkk Yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!



  1. macha, you really shouldnt pop up your collar like that nowadays, its a sign that person is a douchebag!! hahaha....check out this link its damn funny :

  2. Hahaaa...

    Anyway, all geared up for the Mae Hong Son ride?

    how's ur new helmet, bro? i hope the inner paddings will get softer and seasoned soon so it won't squeeze your jaws during the 12 hours ride...


  3. great bikes rides journey travel and such bro.



  4. Bro Ironore,

    Thank you for visiting my blog bro... aku pun kena rajin2 update blog ni...

    On 16th January, i'll be riding solo to Pak Chong (Nakhon Ratchasima), 200km North East of Bangkok on Route 2... it will take at least 4,000 km journey to return kl..


  5. congrats bro!! wa caya lu...!!
    Nice bike for adventure..

    Aku baru jumpa blog bro nih..memang layan. One day nak follow bro ride ler..

    p/s: saya budak baru belajar..


  6. It has been 2 years I've owned the GSA 30 Years Anniversary.. It's been 2 years of greatest moments of my life..


  7. The GS Adventure has brought me to parts of the world and never had any problem.. never.. not even a small problem..

    I wonder why some 'bikers' would say the GSA gives lots of problems..

    I guess, they are the one who give problems in biking community.. and most of them have never owned a GSA before.. they just 'heard' from other people, which were not true..


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