Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hepco & Becker Top Box


i went to Sunny Cycle last week to purchase a Hepco & Becker Xplorer top box... it is 45-liter capacity of top box and it is made of Aluminum.. it is super light and yet strong..

I've been waiting for the Top Case to be arrived at Sunny for almost 1 week as the last unit was taken few days before i got my GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary... It can be seen all the boxes have just arrived at the shop...

The Xplorer line is a new and modern design of the latest Hepco & Becker case line... It is 'dust-resistant' and 'water-resistant'... and i bought it at Sunny Cycle for RM 2,000 for the top box and its plate (bracket holder).. the bracket holder can be seen on the top left photo..

I really like the design and shape of the Xplorer top case... it is lower, wider and more compact compare with Touratech top case.. Also, it looks gorgeous on my GS Adventure 30 Years Anniversary..


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