Saturday, September 22, 2012

Me'Nate Steakhouse 'House of Wagyu', Ampang Jaya

This is my 5th time having dinner at Me’Nate, Ampang.. it’s situated along Jalan Kolam Air Lama Satu, Ampang Jaya.. it is next to 7-Eleven near Ampang's SPCA..

Usually, I would opt for Black Angus ribeye steak.. I also have tried the Wagyu beef once, but this time I was craved for a huge steak after watching Man vs Food tv series.. hence, I chose 2 pieces of Grass fed ribeye steaks, costs RM39 and RM42 each.. by the way, the taste between the Wagyu and Black Angus, i prefer Black Angus as it has stronger meaty flavour..

I own a dairy business, i.e. dairy farm, and all my dairy cows are 90% fed with grass and the other 10% are protein concentrates for milk production.. the protein concentrates consist of corn, soya bean, cotton seed, wheat pollard, etc...

I have seen other dairy farmers nearby feed their cows with grains and less grass.. I have noticed the physical of grass fed cows are healthier, less excess fat and the cows are more active than grain fed cows.. but the grass fed cows need little more time to gain weight..

No doubt in Malaysia, for meat cattle farming (it is kinda hard to find a big scale grass fed meat cow farming), the meat cows are mostly fed with grains, containing mostly palm kennel.. The palm kennel concentrate (PKC) increases the fat content of the cow’s physical.. The PKC increases the cost of meat production, but it cuts the production time shorter and lack of nutrients in the meat than grass fed cows..
Me’Nate sells the grain fed meet more expensive than the grass fed.. Yes, I understand the production cost is higher for feeding the cows with grains.. but the grass fed meat is healthier and tastier..  and amazingly it is cheaper cut of meat than the grain fed at Me’Nate.. Cheers!


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