Saturday, November 6, 2010

BMW R1200 GS Adventure "30 Years Anniversary"

I shall be getting this exact bike next week at BMW Auto Bavaria Glenmarie..
It's BMW R1200 GS Adventure "30 Years Anniversary"

'BMW' = It's BMW, of course.. don't tell me you do not know what it means.. LoL

'R' = Boxer Engine with DOHC (2010 engine), Shaft Driven..

'1200' = 1,200 cc of engine capacity (1,170cc to be exact)

'GS' = Gelände / Straße (it's German for off-road / road)

'Adventure' = Taller seats, Taller Suspensions, Bigger Fuel Tank (33-liters), Bigger Bash Plate, Tank Guards, Engine Guards, Engine Head Guards, Rear Exhaust Guards, HID Fog Lamp, Bigger Windshield, Multi-spoke rims, etc..

'30 Years Anniversary' = it is Limited Edition.. It's been 30 years since BMW introduced a radical new motorcycle to the public (1980)..  The original BMW R80 GS received a "love it/hate it" reaction from everyone who laid eyes on it, and not a single person thought the concept would succeed.
But here we are, 30 years later and the GS-series is not only one of BMW's best-selling models, it has spawned an entire new motorcycle segment called "Adventure Touring".. it comes with the special color scheme and sexy red seat – of the original R80... 

(this video is not mine, it's taken from youtube and it is the exact bike i'm getting next week.. i just wanna show you an example of this great masterpiece)

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