Monday, January 11, 2010

FMF PowerCore 4 Exhaust


i have decided FMF PowerCore 4 exhaust will be mounted on my KLR 650... previously, i was really into Two Brothers VALE M7 exhaust.. but it seems FMF specializes in Motocross and it has done a lot of R&D on specific bikes and sound it produces is not as loud as the Two Brothers' but FMF sounds deeper and they've been in the market since 1973..


"We developed the PowerCore 4 to increase the horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve and give you a noticeable power increase that is very usable and beneficial, no matter what your riding style or ability is."

  • Space Age internal packing for maximum packing life.

  • Hi-Flo modular end cap.

  • Internal shape of core uses Hi-Flo technology.

  • Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.

  • Removable spark arrestor included

  • The question is, when should i buy it? I need to have the Givi centre-box, ScottOiler and Acerbis handguards first.. 
    those are the priorities.. 

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