Monday, January 11, 2010

FMF PowerCore 4 Exhaust


i have decided FMF PowerCore 4 exhaust will be mounted on my KLR 650... previously, i was really into Two Brothers VALE M7 exhaust.. but it seems FMF specializes in Motocross and it has done a lot of R&D on specific bikes and sound it produces is not as loud as the Two Brothers' but FMF sounds deeper and they've been in the market since 1973..


"We developed the PowerCore 4 to increase the horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve and give you a noticeable power increase that is very usable and beneficial, no matter what your riding style or ability is."

  • Space Age internal packing for maximum packing life.

  • Hi-Flo modular end cap.

  • Internal shape of core uses Hi-Flo technology.

  • Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.

  • Removable spark arrestor included

  • The question is, when should i buy it? I need to have the Givi centre-box, ScottOiler and Acerbis handguards first.. 
    those are the priorities.. 



    1. helu....
      Sound dia buat aku tak boleh tidur.....

    2. Praappp!! Prappp!!

      The sound is Very Garang, especially when u downshift the gears... kasi backfire sikit.. berdarah hidung inline-4 owners, Din.. hehehe

    3. Bukan kata nak buat ejos kat 25 degree cycle?

      So instlled the exhaust already?

    4. CypridDark,

      With all due respect, there's no way i'm gonna install the 25 Degrees exhaust... they only produce loud sound only... but there's no R&D done on the pipe of specific bikes.. i could lose more power and also have bad fuel consumption.. in fact, those guys only gave testimonials on the loud sound... and psychologically, they think it gives more BHP.. which i totally disagree with them..

      i need power.. a good deep sound is an addition to the package.. Anyway the FMF exhaust costs only RM900-RM1000 including shipping to Malaysia..

      and how much does 25 Degrees cost including the suffer on fc?

      Do the maths, bro.. hehehe

    5. I just see the owner,& the exhaust craftmanship is good & pricing almost the same as your FMF,around 800-1000,can be made according to my spec & the look that I want it to be.

      But for sure there is no R&D approval,I just want my bike to be abit louder like your X'...hehehehe..

      If I want my bike for long adventures journey like you,for sure I will take the exhaust that can give me power,sound & abit of FC improvement(which sadly not for now...maybe next year if everything going well)

    6. berapa RM for FMF Powercore4 utk KLR650? Spark arrestor untuk elak kebakaran hutan (Kalau tgk catalogue FMF, dia tulis US Forest Approved), hutan kita lembap, tak payah pasang. :D

    7. Hello Bro Hakimin...

      hutan kita lembab, ye.. hahaha LoL..

      Anyway, there's a distributor willing to sell the PowerCore 4 for less than USD300 including shipping to me.. let me check my email for the exact price..

      Anyway bro, thanks for following my blog..

      Cheers! :-)

    8. kalu arga ok...saye pun teringin nk psg fmf ni....blh bro tlg order...hehehhe

    9. kalu duit kite brp anggaran arge fmf tu ..tq

    10. Dear Mr Anonymous,

      There are banks and money changers everywhere in Malaysia.. even there's online currency converter.. maybe you can do the currency conversion by yourself..

      Sorry to say that i will not entertain and make any orders of the exhaust for others as i will not be able to satisfy most people, i.e. if there is faulty on the item.. Most importantly, i do not wanna take any blame and responsible for the damage..

      Thirdly, if others have found a distributor who can sell at cheaper price of the similar product, they will put a blame on me for taking advantage by making profits on commissions..

      Finally, i believe there is no easy way to get what we always want.. i had to search and email to all FMF distributors in US.. i'd suggest you to do the same thing...

      Thank you.


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