Friday, January 8, 2010

427 km and still going???


Yesterday i rode to Lukut/Sepang.. Amazingly on the way back, the main fuel tank was empty when the distance mileage was at ~385km... then i switched to reserved fuel tank and rode for another ~42km till i stopped at Petronas petrol station.. when it was running on reserve, the speed was constantly between 95km/h - 115km/h..

this is wicked!!! i haven't reached above 400km on a full fuel tank before... i reckon it can go up to 460km of distance until the fuel is totally finished.. which means, i just need to refill once for KL-Dannok (Thailand) trip.. :-P

1 litre of fuel = 20~21km (average speed of ~130km/h)

I love the KLR!!! HooRahh!

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