Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disappointing Burger King's BBQ Beefacon Cheese!!


Oh Come On!!...

Oh Why Now!!...

Burger King.. Come On, BK!!..

Why are you doing this to your customers, BK? Sighhhh...
Credits: Burger King Facebook (left photo)
I tried Burger King's hottest deals, which one of them is BBQ Beefacon Cheese.. at first, the name is very confusing... beef bacon? beefacon? what the hell?? actually, 'beefacon' is beef bacon.. because Burger King does not want its customers thinking it is made of 'bacon', so they name the beef bacon as 'Beefacon'.. what the hell??

Back to the BBQ Beefacon Cheese Burger.. sighhh.. It is absolutely garbage!

Burger King is trying to beat McDonald's Lunch Value Meals, with it's cheapest deal of RM5.95 for McChicken with regular Coke and french fries.. or at RM6.95 for Double Cheese Burger meal.. Therefore, Burger King sells its BBQ Beefacon Cheese Burger for the same price, RM5.95 with regular Coke and fries..

So how's the BBQ Beefacon Cheese Burger?
At first, the burger is bloody small!! It is half of the size of my palm..

Secondly, the burger buns are dry, cold and hard..
Thirdly, the beef patty is absolutely thin and also dry..
The burger is absolutely cold.. you can see the cheese does not even melt between the beef patty, bacon and buns..

Is BK thinking this burger is meant to be fed for kindergarten kids?

I was not happy.. i was not satisfied.. so i ordered a Double Whopper Burger.. you can see the different of these 2 burgers..

Hey, I'm not being cheap here, BK.. you're just being double standard.. Although the Double Whopper burger may cost RM14.00 with tender beef patties and soft buns, but the hot deal burgers have totally different quality..

Yes, i know you may say the Double Whopper price is almost triple of the BBQ Beefacon Burger price, but Burger King, apart of the burger sizes and number of beef patties, the quality of cooked beef patty and buns are totally different when being served! That's what i'm concerned..

Quality.. That's what McDonalds can do.. Malaysians want quality burgers!

No HooRahh!!

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