Friday, July 16, 2010

FMF Power Core 4: A complete installation guide!


As you have read in my previous article, i received the FMF Power Core 4 exhaust in the evening of 2nd July 2010..

THE next morning as early as 7.00 am, i called up my mates Din and Erry to assist me installing the FMF..

Erry turned up late, so we proceeded with the installation as i was so excited!

(Review on FMF Power Core 4 exhaust will be done later)

Introducing, Team KLR 650 Red Bull Dakar :

         The KLR Red Bull Dakar Rider..  ;-P                                                          The Team Chief Mechanic.. hehee

First of all, unscrew and take off the rear brake cover and rear brake fluid reservoir... By removing them, it is easier to reach the exhaust mid-pipe clamp.. Hence, unscrew the mid-pipe clamp...

Then unscrew all nuts and bolts of the rear fairing...

Then unscrew the exhaust muffler nuts and bolts from the KLR chassis / rear frame.. Remember to keep the nuts and bolts as they are needed for the FMF exhaust.. FMF does not provide these nuts and bolts.. Now the stock exhaust muffler can be pulled out and removed..

The FMF Power Core 4 comes in a box which is packed with 1 mid-pipe clamp, 2 brackets, bracket extension, spacers, nuts and bolts..

By comparison done by Din, the team chief mechanic, the FMF exhaust is three times lighter than the stock exhaust.. it can be held with only 2 fingers, it's super light... Das ist Gut!!!

It is advisable to assemble the brackets, extension, spacers, nuts and bolts on the FMF exhaust muffler before installing it into the mid-pipe.. it took us almost 15 minutes to assemble the bracket, spacers, etc components onto the muffler..

Placed the FMF exhaust front pipe into the mid-pipe section.. then, tighten the nuts and bolts of the brackets onto the KLR chassis / rear frame.. then tighten up the clamp of the mid-pipe section... Also placed and re-assembled the rear side fairing, rear brake fluid reservoir and its cover protector..

It took us almost 30 minutes from removing the stock exhaust to installing the FMF exhaust from box!

and the sound with spark arrestor is............... fookin' Superb!!!



  1. hii
    Jumpa kat Chiang Mai..
    poooom pooooom poooom


  2. Cik Din...

    Dah promoted jadi Team Chief Mechanic tuu!! Caya x2!!!

    Lepas ni kita tunggu Team KLR Nescafe Dakar... hahaaaa!! LoL

  3. Shocking! Awesome Possum Sound! FMF. so calif.

  4. 110% agreed, period!!!

    nothing beats the LIVE sound of the FMF... that's why i rather not to upload a video on my blog bcoz hearing it LIVE is totally Mmmmmadness!

    mmmkay... :-)

  5. Use a fuse puller to remove and replace fuses. Consider shutting off the power to the fuse box at the main disconnect.Power Install

  6. Yes this fmf motorcycle exhaust is lighter than the regular exhaust. It is awesome, they offer the best dirt exhaust systems on the market. I got mine last month from


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