Friday, July 2, 2010

FMF Power Core 4 exhaust


At last, the waiting is finally fookin' over!!!

FYI, i have not opened the box yet.. i can't wait for tomorrow as in the morning (3rd July 2010), i will install the exhaust with my mates, Din and Erry...  Yeah YeaaArrgghhh!!

All tools (SATA tools) are ready... i will definitely snap lots of photos & videos on the installation process and do sound comparisons between:

- Stock exhaust
- FMF Power Core 4 exhaust with Spark Arrestor / dB Killer
- FMF Power Core 4 exhaust WITHOUT Spark Arrestor / dB Killer

Hoo - Fookin' - Rahh!!


  1. Helu,
    Bila mahu kasi bunyi FMF eksos:)
    poooom poooom poooom


  2. Cik Din,

    FMF ni buat aku ride lagi laju lar... sbb bila high rpm, bunyi dia best especially bila drop gear... pergghh!! ;-D

  3. bro Arif..cepat skit update psl FMF ni..x sabar nk tgk performance dier ngan KLR bro ni..klu ok nnt sy pun nk satu gak...hehe3

  4. good decision. FMF motorcycle Exhausts
    is better than other motorcycle exhaust.


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