Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bought Scott Voltage X OTG

I have recently purchased a pair of Scott Voltage X OTG Goggles in Canary Yellow from for USD 24.45 ... 
What a bargain!! 

It should be arrived in the next 10-14 days..

According to Scott, the Voltage X OTG will perfectly fit on my Arai Tour Cross II helmet.. the reason why i bought these goggles is because i use dark tinted visor on my helmet.. but once i ride in the dark, i need to use a clear visor.. for those who use Tour Cross II helmet, they know changing the visor is a pain in the arse.. With the goggles, i can simply switch/put them on without any difficulties.. in fact, any goggles would definitely look great on motocross helmet.. 
Oh by the way, OTG means Over-the-Glass.. they are designed for those who wear prescription glasses and these goggles fit nicely over the glasses.. there aren't many products selling the OTG in the market except Scott, Bolle, Spy and Oakley.


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