Monday, December 21, 2009


Hehehe.. ;-D

Just picked up the KLR650 from Chear Setapak.. managed to ride only 22 km today with my friend, Erry Fumi..

initially, i had troubles with the height due to its high seat, which is higher than my waist (see photo) and the handle-bar is even at my chest level..

but within 5 minutes, i've got used with it.. No problemo!  ;-)

Filled the tank to the max, almost 21 litres.. Amazingly, the bike didn't feel heavy after fueled up..

Thanks to Erry, he taught me the character of carburetor bike and fuel-cock usage when the engine is switched off.. had lunch then headed to Ukay Perdana and back to Taman Melawati..

So far, i'm 100% satisfied with KLR 650..



  1. arif..nice bike u have there..wuhuuu blue in color..

  2. Blue is fast, not red.. haha.. ;-P

    Thanks for viewing my blog.. i really appreciate it.. btw i'm still a newbie at writing blogs..


  3. The wait is over. Finally. Yeah. Blue is the color mate. HooRahh! Enjoy your bike mate. (^_^)


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