Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maintenance: RJB1 1st Service

I just did KLR650 first service at 348 km of mileage.. Bought an KLR650 Oil Filter for RM14.50 a piece and 3 Litres of Silkolene Super 4-T Plus (20W-50, Mineral based) engine oil for RM23.00/litre. Use a 17mm Torque Wrench and 8mm T-type socket wrench.

First, make sure the engine is warmed up for a while. Then loosen up the drain plug (17mm bolt) at bottom of engine using 17mm wrench. The standard/stock skid plate does not need to be removed.

Drain the engine oil. Clean some dirty bits at the drain plug.

Loosen up two 8mm bolts at oil filter cover using 8mm T-type socket wrench.

Take off the oil filter cover and oil filter. Clean the area with a clean towel. Insert / replace with a new oil filter. Then place the oil filter cap and tighten up the two 8mm bolts.

Tighten up the 17mm bolt using torque wrench at the bottom of the engine with 21 ft/lb..

Fill engine oil for ~2.5 litres at oil filler. Upright the bike for few minutes and close the engine oil filler cap. Start the engine for few minutes. Make sure there's no leakage at the oil filter cover and drain plug. Then fill few engine oil again until it reaches 2.5 litres of measurement.

Done... HooRahh!!


  1. bro... good reference for new riders :)

  2. This is the reason why I made this blog. It's KLR650 of the people, by the people, for the people...

    Koh Lanta, here i come!!


  3. no wonder u were late just now....u posted this at 1757hrs when we suppose to meet at 1815hrs!! hehe.

    eh no wonder ur oil filter is cheaper, i didnt know it fits sideways, mines under engine near the oil pan screw.

    dont forget the next service after ur back from lanchiu....ooops i meant lanta!! have fun, macha and ride safe.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Laurence... I can easily clock 1600km for the Koh Lanta trip, just perfect to do next service..

    I could not believe Sunny got punk'd for my number plate.. you should have seen his face.. hahaha :-D

  5. Bro,
    Nice gear you got there. And a torque wrench? Cool, man!

    PS: I take it ur GF doen't read this blog? Kih kih kih.


  6. Hi Dr Carbman..

    What gf? hehehe.. ;-P

    thanks for visiting my blog, Doc.. the only thing i need is a pro cameraman for my trips.. Are u willing to follow for my next trips?

  7. Bro.....

    Gua PASSPORT pun takde (never reached imigration early enuff in the morning to get a 'number :-p). Coba tanya Hari...he's learning the photography ropes, is unattached, and unless he's pathetic as myself, should have a passport!!

    PS: I know of a TALL dude who ada sebut kat I pasal ber biking nih, and he's got some fat-arse camera gear as well. Hint...he stays in Bangsar.

  8. Speaking of Gen, he's really into bikes.. been asking me about bike prices and gears.. most important question: how big is the bike.. LoL

    I wonder how chaos would it be if Gen, Najib and Hangtuah going for a roadtrip together.. hahaha


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