Friday, December 11, 2009

Bought new Kawasaki KLR650 (2009)

Finally after 1 year of waiting, i've successfully paid the new Kawasaki KLR 650.. it's Year 2009 model and in Fast Blue colour..
Yeap, Blue is fast.. not red! hahaha
Came back from Kawa Dealer along Jalan Setapak and i was given a stack of original AP, Customs, Puspakom Inspection documents.. These documents will be sent to JPJ Perlis on Friday morning as the bike will be registered with tendered Perlis number plate RJ131, which turns out to be RJB1.. hehehe..  
so watch out for this bike, bitchessss!  ;-P
Unfortunately JPJ Perlis will be closed on Friday for the weekend but will be operating on Sunday.. hoping they will (they should!) return the documents along with bike registration card asap (by monday) as i could not wait to ride to neighbouring countries again.. hehehe

The Adventure Starts Right Here...  HooRahh!

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