Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Renewing Passport

Went to Immigration Department of Malaysia in late afternoon today to renew my passport.. I decided to go to the nearest office, which is at Sri Rampai..

Arrived at the immigration office and to my surprise, there were hundreds of customers.. went to the ticketing counter and was informed they had stopped processing passport applications for the day..
hence i need to return to the office tomorrow.. I really need to renew my passport as its expiry date will be in January 2010..

also, the bike documents have not arrived.. i hope they will arrive on Wednesday.. so No HooRahh.. :-(


  1. No worries.. i've finally managed to renew my passport although i had lots of complications, i.e. damaged MyKad contact-chip and i wasted lots of time there.. but now i'm still waiting for the documents (for more than a week).. how i wished i could have gone to Perlis and registered the bike by myself, which only takes 1 hour only.. i've learnt my mistakes.. thanks babe!


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