Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wunderlich Handle Bar Pouch


I just came back from Wunderlich accessories shop at Jalan Sri Tanjung, Bandar Sri Damansara Kuala Lumpur... the shop specializes in Wunderlich, few other BMW aftermarket products and Garmin accessories.. most of the accessories being sold are meant for GS1200 Adventure, GS1200 and F800 GS...

Hence, i bought a Wunderlich's Handle Bar Pouch, which costs RM 180.00..  the purpose of having the pouch is to substitute the pouch around the waist.. The pouch can carry wallet, sunglasses, passport, travel documents, iPod, Blackberry handphone and etc.. Plus, it is waterproof so my iPod wont get soaked in the rain again.. Hahaaa

Some goodies i received for free from the Wunderlich shop... very helpful and friendly staff they have there.. Cheers Bro Hairi!! I shall go there again to get more Wunderlich accessories..

Apart of the pouch, i was eyeing on the BMW Motorrad's Tank Bag.. it is huge and gorgeous; can even put a small helmet inside of the tank bag.. The tank bad is very useful to keep my PEN E-P1 camera, Road Map and even few clothes... and it is Waterproof and the quality built is excellent but it costs RM 1,100.00 ... For GS1200 Adventure, the fuel tank is made of Aluminum, so none of the tank bags (with magnets) in the market cannot be used on BMW GS Adventure.. Definitely i will get this tank bag soon!!



  1. Thank you for sharing sir. I will visit this establishment once my GSA is delivered, hopefully by next week.

    1. Hi Jorge.. Thank you for visiting my blog.. please share stories and photos of your newly delivered GSA soon.. :D

      Ride in Style.. HooRahh!!


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