Friday, February 5, 2010

Mod: KLR-Red Bull Dakar Design.. Done!


From this...

To this...
(Click photo to zoom)

Pictures tell a thousand words...
(Click photo to zoom)

You may follow the design planning from here..

The hard work has been done by Korno and his colleague.. they've been working hard till 1 o'clock in the morning without having dinner before..

Thank you guys!! I really appreciate your commitment..

The final touch was done on the front suspension with Acerbis stickers..


Cyril Despres (Dakar Rally Winner)



  1. Nice 'facial'. Pretty intricate for stickers. Now for the whatchamacallit mathicng clothes?

  2. Cun bro..!!

    Tapi babe yg lagi satu tu bila lagi nak dpt skin baru??hehehheehe...

    BTW,where you do the sticker jobs & how much is the cost for total workmanship?

  3. Nice Decals bro! Looks like its ready for Dakar 2011.

  4. Cheers Yen...

    Doc Carbman, thanks for input.. but i will still use my gears as they are waterproof and winterproof..

    CypridDark, lagi satu tu kena tunggu lama skit.. Korno did for me.. you need to talk to him nicely in order for him to allocate his time for your bike.. anyway, the cost depends on the surface area of the sticker.. the more area, the more you have to pay... :-P

    Hakimin, Cheers bro.. ready for Dakar 2011.. haha.. i heard they "might" have it in Africa in 2011.. but Argentina Dakar has more hot chic spectators..


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