Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3 & Givi Topbox


I was recommended by Sunny Cycle to change the stock tires (Dunlop) to Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3..

the front and rear tires cost only RM580.00 ... to me, they are very cheap compare with my previous superbike tires (~RM1100.00)... how i wish i could have ridden dual-purpose bikes for a long time...

Anyway, the handling of the Sahara 3 can be obviously noticeable... at high speed of 140km/h, the bike does not wobble at all.. this gives me more confidence to ride at high speed... and this is what i have been looking for..

Also, i have installed a Givi Top Box on the KLR 650.. the capacity of the box is 50 liters.. Oh Yeahh!! i can put lots of stuff inside it.. even, i can keep 2 full face helmets inside the box..

I paid the Givi top box for only RM480.. yeap, another great item at very low price... the other option is Hepko & Becker top box which costs RM1200.. i can see the Hepko & Becker top box is very solid and strong built compare with the Givi's.. The Givi came with a universal rack, which needs time and effort to drill onto the existing stock rack.. where else, the Hepko comes with a rack which is already designed for the specific bikes and easy to install.. anyway, i'm very cheap.. hehehe



  1. Now your bike should have side pannier in left & right....:D

  2. hahaha...

    Bro, with all due respect, i dont think KLR looks good with it.. GS1200 and KTM 990 Adventure will look great with them...

  3. bro... goodluck for cambodia trip....c u when u come back...



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