Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Had a minor accident today...



i got hit by a car today at Port Dickson.. i was overtaking the car and out of sudden, he took a right turn (it was not at a junction).. at that moment, i was at his blind-spot (beside his door)... before i decided to overtake him, there was no right turn signal given by him... so i assumed he wanted to drive along the road...

his front right wheel arch hit my left ankle.. Damn!!!

i stopped and he also followed to stop, apologizing to me... but the first thing what i did, i tried to walk and i was really calmed.. luckily, i was able to walk like normal.. i accepted his apology and saying we both were lucky.. also the bike is okay as i managed to handle it..

and now i'm back at home and my left ankle is bruised... but i have no complaints.. and i know i should not think of it.. this will reduce the pain.. Pain is created by your mind...

Tough dawg!!  i know that's what u would call me... haha.. :-P



  1. Also same as you...almost hitted by shitty auntie that do not use signal at all!!

    Hope both of you & the bike is still OK...

  2. Pretty scary, huh?

    Luckily when i got hit, there was no close oncoming traffic.. there was a Shell Trailer coming but he was 200 meters away.. definitely he saw what happened..

    anyway, i'm fine and the bike is ok.. Now i'm ready for my Cambodia trip (tomorrow at 5am)..

    Cheers Bro!

  3. Haiya bro... how could this happen.I think after this you should keep honking your bike before overtaking any vehicle. This will be aware the driver that you want to overtaking them. Or this is happen because the sound level of your bike very quite.

  4. so need to install very pom pom pom exhaust or pickup truck punya horn....:D


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