Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accessories: Scott Voltage OTG Goggles + Alpinestars JET Gloves


Most of you who have been following me on Facebook surely know i've gone to Singapore for Great Singapore Sale during the recent weekend..

Anyway, i bought Scott Voltage OTG goggles and Alpinestars JET motocross gloves..

Initially, i have once ordered the Scott Voltage OTG goggles from the US but it costed too expensive due to shipping cost (USD 96.00).. therefore i bought a pair in Singapore and it costs RM 110.00, bloody cheap!! It was on sale and they had only Canary Yellow colour, which is the only colour that suits with my bike and i can fookin' show-off to people that i've got a pair of great goggles! Oooweee!! ;-)

Once i reached home, i tested the goggles on my Arai Tour Cross II helmet with glasses on... the goggle fits very well and after 1 hour wearing it with no air ventilation, it does NOT develop any fog on the Scott lens and also my glasses.. Also, i don't have to remove the Arai's tinted visor lid... 

The main reasons why i bought the Scott Voltage OTG (Over The Glass) are because I wear glasses and I always ride in the dark (as early as 3 o'clock in the morning) & thus I always have to use clear visor.. but when it is dawn, i have to change the clear visor to dark visor... the interchange takes ages and Goggles look very Cool with motocross helmet! With the Scott OTG goggles, i would wear them in the dark and take them off when i need to use the tinted dark visor... ;-P

Also, i bought a pair of Alpinestars JET gloves since my Dainese leather gloves are torn apart... The JET gloves are made of synthetic materials, which are light weight and easy to dry off when it gets wet/soaked in rain.. and it costs RM 100.00 for a pair... the finger tips are quite thin which may help me to 'feel' on my finger tips, i.e. money notes, road maps, camera, helmet chin strap, etc without taking them off...

I shall test the Goggles and Gloves performances tomorrow for at least 200 km ride.. i'm hoping if there could be raining too.. ;-)

Therefore, back to the checklist which i made back in December 2009, i have got the Acerbis Handguards, Scott-Oiler and Scott Voltage OTG goggles... You may find the previous story (December 2009) here: Scott-Oiler, Scott Voltage OTG Goggles and Acerbis Handguards



  1. Nice gloves & goggles. Hoorahh!

  2. Yen,

    Not just nice but they are economical and superb built quality especially the Scott goggles.. i'm still new with motocross gloves, need more time to get used with them as they feel like no protections at all.. i'm so used with leathers gloves.. ;-)


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