Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ride: Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand (Few hours before departing)


I will be departing to Ko Lanta in about 5 hours from now.. will be departing at 0330 hours... this will be another episode of my 3B's Adventure (Booze, Beach and Bitches)... hahaha :-P

I will be traveling with my mate, Zaharin, who will be my pillion... the trip will be for 4 days and 3 nights.. I'm planning to stay 2 nights in Ko Lanta and 1 night in Hatyai (on the returning trip)..

Anyway, i have packed all my things for this trip... will be plugging my Ipod Nano on my KLR and i'm gonna listen couple of songs on the boring Malaysian Highway...

I will be studying my map soon... then have a good rest for the ride tomorrow..

Ko Lanta, here i come!!



  1. Some people have all the time in the world to do what they love most.

    I want out too!

    Safe journey bro.

  2. don't you ever get tired bro...just few weeks apart from your previous Indochina ride..bet that your KLR is one heck of a reliable and comfortable companion...worth considering KLR as my next bike...:)..kudos bro..!!..

  3. Wahh...so free & ride very vbvery far again...

    Good luck & safe journey bro!
    & post some pics also!

  4. Ohh what a trip! Thanks for everything bro.

  5. Hakimin:
    Thank you bro... you'll have your time oneday...

    Mr Anonymous:
    Get the KLR 650, totally recommended although i'm still eyeing on BMW GS1200 Adventure... haha.. KLR 650 is VERY Reliable!! ;-)

  6. CypridDark:

    The Koh Lanta report has been posted, bro.. Cheers!

    Next ride is Koh Samui on 7th April for Songkran festival...

  7. Yen,

    Indeed that was a great trip and Koh Lanta is very near to KL too...

    anyway, that's the thrill of riding to Thailand... that's why me and my friends love doing it very often..


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