Saturday, December 24, 2011

--My 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure--

Some of you might have been wondering why I always mention my R1200 GS Adventure as “30 Years Anniversary GSA”…

Well, I love mentioning it as it is limited and BMW came up with the model to celebrate its 30 Years Anniversary of GS bike, which the first GS, the R80 GS, was invented in 1980.

How different is my 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure compare with other R1200 GS Adventure?
For your info, the 30 Years Anniversary GS Adventure comes with bigger bash plate (which cannot be bought from Motorrad and no other 3rd party makes it), bigger handle guard and Red Adventure Seat.

There are hundreds of the normal R1200 GS (Biasa) and R1200 GS Adventure in Malaysia BUT there are only 9 units of 30 Years Anniversary R1200 GS Adventure in Malaysia.. and mine is one of them. Wicked!!


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